Midterms: What You’re Probably Thinking

Either you just finished midterms, are taking midterms, or like me, have all of them on one day. Regardless, the College of Charleston’s midterm season has been in full swing, and students could not be more stressed. I always thought midterms were so much more difficult than finals. Unlike finals week, there are no “reading days,” no breaks, no free massages in Stern, and nobody cares that you have 101 things to get done. During finals week, if you have three finals within the span of 24 hours, the College cuts you a break. But God forbid you mention that you not only have three midterms, but a couple papers and projects to get done as well. Tough. Unlike some professors, I feel your pain and pressure. So because you’re too worn out and stressed to actually think for yourself, here are 7 things you’re probably thinking about this week(s) of hell.

Realizing you have so much work to do that, logically, you do none of it.


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I love lists. Sometimes I think that if I write out everything I have to do it will seem less daunting and overwhelming. But then I look at my list: three papers to write, two exams, a group project, a presentation, and around 57 other things. Most of you probably have a similar list right now, and it’s almost too stressful to look at that you just avoid it entirely. Cue Netflix.

But even the most mundane of tasks is too difficult.


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You know it’s bad when even TV is too hard. I’m on a Supernatural binge right now, but when the plot gets even somewhat complicated, thinking becomes too much work for my already worn-out brain. Maybe if I throw on Family Guy I might kill a few brain cells and forget about school all together.

Feeling unnecessarily frustrated that midterms aren’t actually in the middle of the term.

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(Gif courtesy of Blogspot)

Unless “midterm” means everything in between the first and last day of school, this is BS. Professors need this term to validate giving overly long papers and difficult tests. Our “midterms” have been going on for the last two and a half weeks, and that’s just not fair. But to be honest, at this point, we’re just trying to justify our stubborn procrastination. However, hell might be a more suitable term.

Forgetting what water actually tastes like.


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Water is great and everything, but it doesn’t help us pound through those ten page paper. Whether it’s coffee, Monster, or 5 Hour Energy, you aggressively inhale ridiculous amounts of caffeine. Your grades may thank you, but your body won’t later. Give and take, I guess.

Infuriated at that one friend who doesn’t have any midterms.


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There’s always at least one person who loves to announce they have nothing to do while you’re pouring through your third textbook of the night. All I want to do is cry, punch them in the face, and cry again. But with 176 more pages to read in Ulysses,¬†petty revenge must be saved for later.

Lack of sleep keeps you extremely on edge.


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Normally I wouldn’t care about that guy excessively chewing his gum in class, or your roommate playing their music a little too loudly, but this week is different. Don’t people know that you were up until 4 am last night working on plans for frickin Apollo 15? Loud noises hurt. It’s like an academic hangover.

But everyone gains a mutual bond over stress.


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At least you aren’t the only one who’s been in the library for eight straight hours. Take some comfort in the fact that even though you have to go through this, everyone else does as well. Except that one friend. Screw them.

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Mary Pumper is a blog writer for CisternYard News. This is her first semester on the staff, but she has been actively writing, scribbling and drafting her whole life. She is a sophomore at the College, double-majoring in Theatre and English and could tell you nearly everything you need to know about her favorite author, F. Scott Fitzgerald. A native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mary is excited to be back in warm and rainy Charleston, but must warn you that "Winter is Coming".

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