Dawes at the Charleston Music Hall – A Show Review

Have you ever felt like every piece of the puzzle is finally coming together? Like, when everything seems to have its own place – with nothing obstructing the symmetry? The combination of Dawes and John Moreland fit perfectly into that synchronization.

John Moreland’s alternative country style set the foundation for what was to come.


John Moreland began by playing a few of his favorite songs, specifically High on Tulsa Heat, a song he first launched on pledgemusic.com as a fundraiser. If you’re wondering what John Moreland sounds like – and for whatever reason you cannot find the time to YouTube a song –imagine a voice that roars like a lion, yet soothes like a lullaby. John Moreland not only sings in a scenic voice, but he also tells a story within each song.

Ultimately, John Moreland played songs that warmed the heart, but he split the show time with Dawes – instead of being an opening act.


When Dawes finally took the stage, it became evident why we were forced to wait so long. He opened with a song from his 2015 album, All Your Favorite Bands, titled, “Things Happen.” After continuing with new songs from their latest aforementioned album, they decided to throw things back with songs from their older ones. The song “A Little Bit of Everything” from their 2011 album, Nothing is Wrong, played the heartstrings of nostalgia with everyone in the audience.

The next part caught a lot of people off guard, because it was literally a twenty-seven-minute-long guitar solo battle between Griffen Goldsmith and Taylor Goldsmith. The guitars and the lights then began to dance a medley together, but it was not worth the time. Many people used it to get up and buy themselves booze to make it through the rest of the night.


After that was over, the band invited John Moreland back onto the stage, where they sang a few of Moreland’s songs together. Taylor Goldsmith announced that the show was almost over, and told the audience to sing the song with him. The final song of the night was “All Your Favorite Bands,” the storybook ending to the show.

The applause lasted well after everyone left the stage. The final words “may all your favorite bands stay together” still chime reminiscent bells.

Pablo Palacios, photos by Kara Stonecypher

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