Dj Spotlight: Stephanie and Maria “Tuesdays with 215”

Every year we get a new batch of special DJs and these next two have gone completely above and beyond. In their first semester at the college, Stephanie and Maria have landed their own radio show, podcast, and interviews under their belt! If you don’t know the girls of Tuesdays with 215, then read about them in our latest DJ Spotlight!

Tuesdays with 215

CYR: What is your show about and how is it different from other shows at CYR?

215: Our show is first and foremost a podcast, which means that all of our episodes are prerecorded and edited. However, what we think makes it really unique is that we interview our peers, our professors, and our fellow community members about topics we find interesting. So far, topics have ranged from friendships, to poetry, to fortunes. Even though our format focuses mainly on storytelling, we also get to incorporate a musical aspect for our listeners.

CYR: If you could have any musician as your sidekick, who would it be?

Maria: I would totally have Dallas Green (City and Colour) as my boo.

Stephanie: I’d have to go with Chris Thile, who’s the lead singer of the Punch Brothers.

CYR: Who are your celebrity icons?

Maria: Amy Poehler. Bless her.

Stephanie: Kate Hudson is my spirit animal.

FullSizeRender (2)

CYR: Okay, alright. Let’s play a game. We will give you a word and you have to give it a “Yum” or “Yuck”

Meat Lovers pizza

215: Hella yum


215: Of course! #welovemeredith (Our general manager)


Maria: nah.

Stephanie: Yum as in I have three pairs

Asian Food

215: Yummy yummy in our tummies

Hot dogs.

215: Yuck. Please go home.

Kanye West

Maria: Low-key yum

Stephanie: I’ll move to Mars before I vote #Kanye2020


Yum #Carson

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You can also catch Tuesdays with 215, Tuesdays at 2PM only on CisternYard Radio!


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