8 essentials to becoming your best you

Lets be real. Everyone has their bad days when anything seems to tick them off. It seems that there is no way to escape those dreaded ‘bad days’, and maybe there wasn’t a way to escape them in the past. Ever heard of the saying ‘There’s no better time than the present’? Well it’s true, and this is the present. So instead of permitting those bad days to consume you, focus on the present and really take in what I am about to tell you.

There are 8 essentials to becoming your best you. Yes, you read correctly, E-I-G-H-T.


This is one of those things that you need in your life, there is no negotiating. Know when to be modest, always. No one likes a show off- but don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to hold back. What you need to know is simply this: modesty is essential in life, it is admired, and you should be modest. Why? If you give it all at once, what’s left? No matter the subject or encounter, modesty is key in life, especially for us ladies. Modesty promotes respect. Being modest also shows that we are comfortable with ourselves and that we are not trying to prove to anyone who we are or what we are not.


Honesty. Need I say more? Honesty is key to success, strong relationships, a good conscience and great life. Ever lied? How did that go for you? Was it fun building on your lie to cover up why you decided to skip class when your teacher gave a test, and now you need to find a reason that will allow you to make it up? Didn’t think so. Or in that job interview when your resume was discussed and you didn’t actually complete everything that it said; you dug yourself in a hole, didn’t you? So, let’s remember: honesty is the best (and most intelligent) policy.


Confidence is key to success in many different ways – but it must be used properly. Too much confidence and you seem like a narcissistic individual who thinks they are hot shit. Just enough confidence and you seem like an approachable, cool, goodhearted person. Oh! and by the way…not only do you seem incredibly full of yourself if you have too much confidence, but it appears to others that you might be  trying to prove something.


Acting dumb might give you some extra attention in certain scenarios, but 1) the people you attract this way probably aren’t too bright and 2) you look stupid and are attracting negative attention. No one wants to be around someone like that. So, let’s get to the point…use your intelligence, make the most of your opportunities, and work hard. Impress people with those random facts you’ve learned that may not seem so useful!


Work hard. Need I say more? Work to your full potential, put in the extra time, and keep going even when it seems impossible. It will pay off, promise. Do you want to look back with regrets about slacking off? I don’t and I’m sure you don’t want to either. Living life with regrets sounds so unattractive. So do as much as humanly possible to reach your goals and dreams!


There is only one good attitude to have. Can you guess? Yeah, a positive attitude. Sure, you may be having a bad day, but dwelling on it isn’t going to make you feel any better. When you start to feel this way, it is important to pick your head up and motivate yourself. Dwelling on your issues might get you some attention, but you are the one who controls your own happiness. No one likes a negative person, so if you’re down, snap out of it and think about everything you have to be grateful for!


Wardrobe. One simple word that means so many different things. Self expression, confidence and self worth all connect to your wardrobe. Express yourself and be you! Go for those cheetah flats or wear a plaid suit. So what these stand out, that’s the point! Just because everyone else is blending in, is not a reason you should too.


Communication is key in all situations! Stressed? Upset? Excited?No one knows that unless you communicate. Share all you can, but do so in a modest, polite manner. You want to be respected don’t you? Communicate in a way that makes you feel respected and proud – this is your golden ticket in life!

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