DJ Spotlight: KAB Radio with Kevin, Austin, and Bob

Are you still a believer in old fashioned rock and roll? Well you aren’t the only one! Kevin, Austin, and Bob, the boys of KAB Radio here at CisternYard Radio are here to keep the dream alive. As crazy as they all are, they got together to answer come questions so that way you can know the voice behind the mic!

CYR: What is your show and how is your show different from others and what does it add to CYR?

Kevin: KAB radio showcases the lesser known music of some of the world’s most popular artists. Each week, we highlight a different decade of music, so, just like the music we play, we’re never the same and there’s something for everybody.

Austin: Our show is basically just more obscure songs by popular rock artists, mixed in with incoherent babbling and dumb banter. It adds to CYR by being the only show run exclusively by neanderthals.

CYR: If you could have any musician as your sidekick, who would it be?

Kevin: I’d love to have Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd as my sidekick. I’d probably be his sidekick, actually. I just think he was one of the most creatively talented people in history and he was misunderstood because of it. His story was just so beautifully sad.

Bob: My musician sidekick would be Kevin because he is agreeable.

Austin: If I could have any musician as a sidekick, it would probably be Dave Mustaine, lead singer and rhythm guitarist of Megadeth. Dude knows how to party and have a good time. Not to mention he’s a black belt in karate and can lay down some mean riffs.

CYR: What song makes you feel like a kid again?

Kevin: “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down” by Fall Out Boy. It was the perfect song for when I was 10 and awkward. It’ll be the perfect song for when I’m 30 and still awkward.

Bob: “Whiskey in the Jar” by Metallica

Austin: Raining Blood… That is all

CYR: What kind of music do you guys play and why?

Kevin: We play rock music because other genres have had their time in the spotlight but the light’s never gone out on rock. It’ll always be in style.

Bob: We play Rock because it doesn’t suck.

Austin: We play rock because… well that’s all we got, we’re not very creative.

CYR: Alright, this next part is “Yum” or “Yuck.” You get a word, you give it a “Yum” or a “Yuck”


Kevin: Yuck

Bob: Yum

Austn: Yum

Haunted Houses

Kevin: Yum

Austin: Yum

Bob: Yum

The Color Green

Kevin: Yuck

Bob: Yum

Austin: Yum


All Three: Yum


All Three: Yum


All Three: Yum

Turkey Burgers

Kevin: Yuck

Austin: Yum

Bob: Yum

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You can also catch Kevin, Austin, and Bob with their show “KAB Radio” Fridays at 5PM only on CisternYard Radio.

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