This Thursday at The Pour House: Family and Friends

They wanted to bring some good into this world. So they started a band.

No strangers to Charleston – Family and Friends is returning this Thursday night to The Pour House, one of their favorite venues to make music. Conceived in 2013, the Athens-born band consists of seven members united under the slogan “Good music, Good people.”

“Similar to the band’s name Family and Friends, in a certain sense we use it (‘Good people, Good music’) as motivation,” said Mike, a member of the band. “When we started the band, it was essentially a fresh start…Like all families, we have our ups and downs and realistically it’s not always the sunshine, but it’s that desire to work through our differences that ultimately brings us closer at the end of the day.”

Hesitant to limit themselves exclusively to the genre of indie folk rock, Friends compares itself to acts like Edward Sharpe and Typhoon, drawing inspiration from a number of bands including Modest Mouse and The Avett Brothers. Approaching every show with the mindset to make it a party, the group enjoys Pour House for its rowdy vibe, reminding them of the eclectic music scene in Athens. JP, another group member, fondly recalls the first time he walked into Pour House.

“The first time we played here was with Dallas Barker on the porch,” he said, “and the moment we walked in it felt like a home away from home…this will be our fourth time playing Pour House and we couldn’t be more pumped to return.”

When in Charleston, the band takes full advantage of our local treasures. They dig the vibe of the city – places like Black Tap, Kudu, Triangle Char and Bar – and are, for that reason, more than ready for another memorable show and chance to play a fresh audience. “It’s a treat for us every time we get to play in Charleston,” said Jandro, another one the seven. “There’s just a really unique vibe in their air that’s palpable when we get to walk around the city before the show. We’ve had some pretty unique shows in Charleston.”

Now split between Atlanta and Athens, it’s difficult for Friends to fully get together as often as they’d like. Building their schedules around tour dates and practicing extra hours in the sessions they have, the group does everything they can to make it work. “At the end of the day what really makes it work is knowing that we are doing everything in our power to better ourselves and the band,” says JP, “and making sacrifices for the best while being respectful of each other’s personal lives.” This mutual respect for one another echoes in their music, creating a pure and authentic sound.

Friends enjoys touring – experiencing new cities and audiences. They thrive on connecting with fresh crowds, on cultivating intimate interpersonal experiences through the passion behind their music.

“Writing music can be such extremely personal and intimate act of creativity,” said Tuna, another member of the band, “and in that same light performing in front of other people can share the same vulnerability.”

Family and Friends is playing on Pour House’s main stage with the The Oh Hellos this Thursday, Nov. 5. The show starts at 9:00 p.m. Don’t miss this one. 

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