Staff Spotlight: PR Manager, Donovan/Crescendo

After a few DJ Spotlights, we decided to change a bit of the focus and show you the brains behind the operations. So let’s get to know our staff, shall we? First up is our Public Relations manger, Donovan, who also happens to be the voice behind “The Break!” as Crescendo. We gathered a few questions from our DJs and threw them at Don…er, Crescendo to answer.

Kei Yamashiro (of Yamakei Radio Saturdays at 12PM): If you had to go to an uninhabited island, and you are allowed to bring only one thing, what would it be?

Crescendo: I would personally bring a notebook because I’m always writing down what I’m thinking of whether it’s song, story, drawing something. You usually never find me without something to write on.

DJ Phillip (of The Musical Box Fridays at 4PM): How did you get into Music?

Crescendo: It found me. My mother always sang, my grandmother played piano for me and I ended up with an affinity for almost any instrument that landed in my hand. I also just find all types of music fascinating.

Phillip: What do you like eating?

Crescendo: My favorite food to eat every time I go home is fried porkchops. Like seriously, if you marry me then we will be eating that…a lot.

Phillip:What do you listen to when you study?

Crescendo: It can be anything from downtempo music to death metal. Though I do find that the more hardcore the music, the easier it is to study. I think it’s because to much is going on for me to dance on concentrate on rhythms or lyrics so I have to concentrate on studying. Again, I’m weird

DJ Jonathan Gerstl (of Jonathan Live): If you were a stripper what would your stripper name be?

I would be Juicy.

DJ Landry (formerly of The Power Block): Will you be my daddy?

I’m only a daddy to one man right now so…

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