Office of Sustainability: Clothing Drive and Swap

It’s the age-old dilemma: a closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear.You could easily revamp your wardrobe buy dropping a couple of hundred dollars on new threads. But who has the money in these fiscally-challenging times? Luckily, the Office of Sustainability will put all your troubles to rest with a Clothing Drive and Swap on Nov. 17. The rules – bring in your unwanted clothes with the opportunity to exchange them for new items or simply donate them for a great cause. Offering an alternative view on what it means to be sustainable, the swap will operate on a “bring 2 items, swap one basis.”  Not sure if you should go? If these apply to your wardrobe, you may reconsider: 

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  • You would not buy it right this second.

Ask yourself – if you were in the store and saw the same clothes you have now, would you buy them? If the answer’s no, time to – clears throat – let it gooo!

  • It does not fit.

Unlike our clothes, our bodies are constantly changing – growing fatter, slimmer, more muscular. No matter how long you hold onto something, chances are it is not going to magically fit one day. It’s fine to keep a few pieces that used to fit as motivation to fit back in to them, but in the meantime, finding clothes that actually fit are a necessary.


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  • Has not been worn in the past year.

If you haven’t worn something in the past year, chances are you won’t wear it in the coming future either. What doesn’t suit your lifestyle or serve a purpose in your everyday life, are things better off saying adios to.

  • Simply not stylish anymore.

Trends come and go, your tastes change, you move to new city – all things that can influence what you wear and how you think about your clothes. If you’re keeping something that is in reasonable condition and once was hip, but does not quite match your style now, it is best to just swap it. One man’t old vintage t-shirt, is another man’s treasure.


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  • Is it appropriate for your lifestyle?

There is really no use in having club wear if you do not go clubbing, athletic wear if you do not go to the gym or Sunday dresses if you skip Church. Rather than taking up room in your closet with untouched clothes, it’s better to clear out all the irrelevant clothes to make room for useful ones.


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  • You keep trying it on but never actually wear it.

Hoarding clothes you never actually wear can lead to a horrible habit, one where you end up on a TLC or Lifetime special. If something does not make it outside your home, it is time to forget it and get something you’ll be comfortable going out in.

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Take all of your unwanted clothes to the Clothing Drive and Swap hosted by the Office of Sustainability on Nov. 17. The event will be held in the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance Building in the Alumni Center. The drive will start at 4:00pm and last until 6:00pm. 




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