DJ Spotlight: DJ Phillip of “The Music Box”

Power metal is not a genre we have much here at CisternYard Radio, but one brave man has decided to take on that task to bring that to the masses. DJ Phillip of “The Music Box” brings one hour of the best in Progressive and Power Metal of all styles to CYR every Friday and we decided to ask a few questions so that way you get to know the man behind the mic.
CYR: How is your show different from others and what does it add to CYR?

Phillip: My Show plays songs by artists like Pathfinder , Theocracy , Gloryhammer and Rhapsody Of Fire which are considered by most people to be ‘Cult Bands” here in the states since European Power Metal as well as Prog-Rock/Prog-Metal doesn’t have a big fanbase here they only have a cult following. By playing artists like these every Friday, I’m allowing the fanbase for these bands to grow in the college to a degree

CYR: What has your experience at CYR been like?

Phillip: My experience here so far has been marvelous

CYR: What song never gets old?

Phillip: The song that never gets old for me is either I AM by Theocracy or Revolution Deathsquad by DragonForce. My favorite song of all time however is Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles

CYR:Okay, for this next section you gotta give us a “yum” or a “yuck” for the following items!


Phillip: Yuck!


Philip: Yum!

Fast Cars

Phillip: Yum!


Phillip: Yuck!

The Color Yellow

> Fish Sticks


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