It’s beginning to look like Christmas: DIY decor

With temperatures slowly plummeting, tree lightings around town, King Street store windows decked with boughs of holly, and outbreaks of uncontrollable cheer, it is certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas. As the fall semester comes to an end, finals week is to be last hurdle to get over and the finish line – Christmas break – is just around the corner. In the meantime, why not add a little holiday spirit to your dorm room or apartment, making it the perfect study space that will remind you of how close Winter Break is and hopefully, motivate you during finals!  Here are some simple DIY ideas sure to get you merry:


A staple, Christmas trees are essential for the holidays. But who has the time, much the less space, to smuggle a full Douglas fir into the confines of Berry or Liberty. Instead, stack some books, cut Washi tape, or gather the post-it notes you didn’t use this semester and remember – with a little magic and a can-do attitude- a Christmas tree is what you make it. Even Charlie Brown learned that.

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Even If you do not have anything to hang ornaments on, you can still use them as decorations! Throw a few classic ball ornaments in a vase, dish or large bowl for a fun, festive splash of color in your room.

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You can pick up some pretty decent lights for an extremely low price these days. Place them in old bottles or jars to give rooms a cozy, soothing ambience or simply string them around your bed frame or desk. Just make sure to turn them off whenever you sleep or leave the room to avoid setting of the ever temperamental fire alarms.

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While they a little time-consuming, cutting your failed quizzes or old class notes into wintery art is not only highly satisfying, but will transform your space and make you feel as though you are living in a winter wonderland. But in the case that you actually use your notes to study, gluing together popsicle sticks may be a better option.

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Cover your room door with wrapping paper – a simple decor hack, yet highly festive.

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Practically anything found in the common dorm room or college apartment can be transformed into a holiday wreath. Your red solo cups, old peppermint candies, dirty socks – the sky is the limit! Christmas wreaths are perfect to showcase your creative personality and more importantly, get you in the mood for the holidays.

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A Pinterest classic, mason jars have found yet another way to excite the Martha Stewart in us all. Secure a simple tree, snowman, penguin or Santa figurine into the lid of a clear mason jar. Glitter, small shreds of paper, sand or even salt can act as snow, while water is optional. A great project to do with roommates and friends, these inexpensive snow globes are ideal decor for dorm rooms or apartments.

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