Gifts You Want This Christmas

Your parents are most likely nagging you about what you want for Christmas, and even though you could probably name ten gifts off your head at any other point in the year, finals have made even thinking about Christmas stressful. Personally, I would love to have my rent & tuition paid, or if Santa could find me a landlord that doesn’t require the FBI to reach, that would be dope. But unfortunately, I have to come up with a more reasonable list. On the bright side, the internet has some practical and fun things that any college kid would want. Check it out:

Google Chromecast

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Cheaper than a Roku and a gaming system (obviously), this device lets you watch Netflix, Youtube, Hulu and others. Just plug it in to your TV and stream from your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. Plus it’s only $35 – definitely worth it. Find it here

Spotify Membership

It’s only $10 a month and definitely worth the investment. There’s nothing worse than nodding along to good music inspiring your essay only to be interrupted by an ad telling you to purchase Spotify premium. Just do it. You’ll finally be able to listen to T-Swift in peace.

Cards Against Humanity

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You probably know 20 people that own this, but you clearly need your own, right? And, if for some reason you already have it, check out their six expansion packs as well as their other fancy packs. For example, continue the Christmas theme and ask for one of the holiday packs. Each hasĀ  thirty vaguely themed cards and all the profits go to charity. It’s a win win.

Hangover kit

What says college like a hangover kit? Honestly, did not even know these existed, but they look pretty fun (and useful). It contains gingerale, Pepto Bismal, mouth wash, aspirin, and a ton of other goodies that you need for that rude morning wake-up. Buy it here.

USB mini fridge


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Tell me this is not the coolest thing you’ve seen. Totally a rip-off and probably not worth the $35+, but that is why you ask your parents for it, right? Anyway, this way you do not have to waste precious homework time by going to grab another cold drink from the fridge. It’s time efficient, really.

Stuffed wallet

Every college student needs money. How about asking for a wallet and hint at your parents to stuff a little something-something in it. Maybe some cash? A few giftcards? Rent for the next month? Definitely putting this on my list.


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They say it rains in Charleston. Then sometimes a giant hurricane named Joaquin comes and flushes out the city. If you don’t have rain gear, I would put this number one on your list. But when a tidal storm isn’t coming in, an umbrella works for casual rain storms. Consider asking for a cool themed one, like the “How I Met Your Mother” yellow umbrella or, for the English major, a Shakespeare/Hamlet inspired one. “Thrift, thrift Horatio!’

Indoor smokeless barbeque

Now you can no longer complain about being unable to grill, and you can eat your hot dogs and brats the right way. It is also a quick and healthy way to cook food and is going for less than $20 on Amazon. You still might have a tough time getting this into your dorm, but for those of you with houses/apartments, this would be a great fit.

Kinetic Sand by Brookstone

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If there is anything on this list you absolutely need it’s this. It is completely mess and stick-free and is simply one of the most entertaining things around. There are no better words to describe it. Next time you are in the area of a Brookstone, make it a point to play with the sand. You can even get it in multi-colored versions.


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