5 things all students wear at the College

Here at the College, some may say we have our own sense of style. Looking around campus, we often see students who stick out and express themselves through their wardrobe. But more commonly, we see repeated outfits. Here are the 5 most commonly worn pieces by CofC students:

1. White Converse

Do you even go to CofC if you don’t own white Converses? Look around campus – wait no – look around your class. How many pairs of white chucks do you see? Maybe you’ve noticed it before, and maybe you haven’t. It’s good to have basics to pair with statement pieces and colorful outfits, but when everyone is wearing the same shoes the same way, what makes them so special?


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2. Lululemon Leggings

Lululemon is geared toward yogis, aspiring yogis, and the athletic population. Not to say that if you are not athletic that you can’t wear this brand, but the purpose of their clothing is for maximum performance while exercising. It’s completely understandable to be dressed for your afternoon workout during class, but don’t over-do it and just wear them for the sake of the athletic aesthetic. Without originality, where would we be today?


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3. Hunter Rainboots
We are all guilty of owning these, and it is essential to have the proper shoes for the rain. All around campus, on every rainy day – or even on a slightly cloudy day – we see girls sporting the same brand name galoshes. And who can blame you, living in Charleston is a complete water hazard! I am actually wearing my tall Hunter’s right now… All I can say is be sure to sport them in a chic fashion and make them work for you.


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4. Patagonia Pullovers

“Patagucci,” “Fratagonia” – we have all heard these nicknames. Patagonia pullovers are not only a trend for girls, but guys have also jumped on the bandwagon. They’re super comfy and go with anything, so how could we not love them? In my mind though, pullovers should be reserved for those comfy cold days when you’re dressing down a bit. These fun fleeces shine with the athletic or casual look, paired with leggings and Converse (see above), or with your original fashion creations.


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5. Nike Shorts and Oversized T-Shirts

This has to be the most commonly sported outfit around the Colllege campus – and plenty more around the country. Nike shorts and an oversized t-shirt – usually accompanied by a full face of makeup and perfect hair. Re-read that. Yeah, it makes zero sense. Why put all of that effort into doing your makeup and hair when you are just going to throw on a T-shirt and shorts? I don’t get it, and maybe some girls do, but I feel as though you might as well throw on a cute outfit after going through all of that work on your hair and makeup. I mean I get that you want to be comfy, but there are other ways to feel comfy, too!


(Photo courtesy of baylor.blogs.edu)

Even if you own these common items, it doesn’t mean that you are a follower. We all have days when we just want to blend in. It’s okay to dress like others, but it’s also important to develop your own style. In order to stand out and be an individual you need to make an outfit your own. Yes, follow the trend, but make it yours.

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