Trends we must leave behind in 2015

2016 is officially upon us, and with that, “new year, new me” season is in full swing. A great way to start the resolutions is to say farewells and forget some trends that bombarded our everyday lives in 2015. While there were some fun, entertaining and quite groundbreaking moments – Adele’s new album, the show “Empire” and marriage equality –  some things are better off leaving behind in the past.

  • Kardashians

2015 was by far a year owned by the Kardashians. They took over our Facebooks, trended on Twitter, obsessively liked on Instagram, invaded Snapchat, and made serious news coverage all year long. While their selfie game may be worth aspiring to, Khloe’s waist training, Kourtney’s breakup, Kim’s maternity style and Kylie’s lip injections should definitely not make headlines every two hours. And coming from someone who admittedly keeps up with the reality TV royals, even I can say – enough is enough.

amen khloe

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  • Complicated Makeup Trends

Everybody wanted their faces to look like a chiseled statue this year, and were willing to dedicate hours of applying five different shades of foundation to do just that. Millions of Youtube makeup tutorials claimed to guide us in the journey of “fleeking up” our eyebrows and mastering the art of contouring, highlighting and baking. Ironically, the idea of no-makeup makeup falls on the shoulders of Kim Kardashian. Ever since she went public with her elaborate contouring technique a few years ago, the trend has been arguably building to its apex. Honestly, it’s time to back away from the Sephora counters and give the face a break.

Clown contouring and highlighting. (Photo courtesy of

Clown contouring and highlighting. (Photo courtesy of

  • Selfies

Are we being vain or simply remembering the moment when we take selfies – the debate continues! No matter the side you stand on, let 2016 be a year without constantly having to avoid being in the background of someone’s selfie or escaping injury from selfie sticks.

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  • Goals

With a little help from social media, everyone decided to surface the internet with their #relationshipgoals, #fitnessgoals, #lifegoals, #pancakegoals and more this year. It’s always good to set goals for yourself – it’s one key to accomplishing great things in life. But everything does not need to be a goal. Just observe, admire, and then move on.

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  • Netflix and Chill

Once upon a time, binging an entire season of your favorite show within the time span of a day was not only rewarding, but a private, relaxing experience. In 2015, online streaming transformed into a open invitation to come over to someone’s house and get cozy while some show is just playing in the background. In 2016, let’s not use Netflix as a way to get into someone’s pants, and let’s hit resume on the pleasurable experience of Netflix and Cheetos in bed.


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  • Man Buns

The hairstyle that swept the heads of many men in 2015, was the man bun. But the hipster trend started to take a a turn for the worse! People went running around snipping off random man buns (check that out on YouTube) and dogs began to don the ‘do too. But perhaps the breaking point was when some stores began to offer clip-on man buns. (Yes, those actually exist!)


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  • Trump

There really are no comments for Donald Trump, except that he needs to tone things down a few thousand notches. Unfortunately, we must wait until the end of 2016 to declare a new president of the United States, and in that case, we have to hear of Donald Trump’s insane antics for some months to come.


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  • Whip and Nae Nae

As history repeated itself, a new annual dance craze took over the world, and for 2015 Silento’s “Whip and Nae Nae” was inescapable. While it was fun to see your friends, parents, uncles and even Hillary Clinton test out the moves, it’s officially time for a ceasefire and retire this dance craze.


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  • Hoverboards

“Back To The Future” was right – in 2015, kids would zip along sidewalks on hoverboards. But what the movie didn’t catch was that kids, grandmothers and Mike Tyson would all hop on the futuristic mode of transportation and more often, make a fool of themselves. The movie also probably didn’t foresee these hoverboards (or rather self-balancing scooters) uncontrollably combusting. Better safe to leave these in 2015.


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