Students Return to Their Favorite Habitat After Break

The classic Distracted Duck in Addlestone Library. Photo Courtesy of Dustin Hacker.

Hiral Patel, a classic Distracted Duck, in Addlestone Library.  (Photo Courtesy of Dustin Hacker)

Today, we will be examining one of the most frequented habitats at the College of Charleston: Addlestone Library.

You have been sitting at your table in the library for five minutes, alone, with your earbuds in. You have taken out your laptop and a notebook in an effort to begin your homework.  You are staring blankly into space and dreading the work you are about to do. And then your phone vibrates.

This may have very well been the biggest relief of your day. Whether it is the fact that someone wants to talk to you or that it is the perfect distraction, most of us will put our work on the back burner and pick up our phone. We have all been to the library and have all gotten work done there, but in reality, all of us go there and waste a great deal of our time.

The college library is a fascinating place where one can see the various types of college students. Looking around the library, you can see yourself in almost every one of your peers.

Sitting at the table to your immediate left is the Texting Tarantula; she has been going at it non-stop for the last 30 minutes.

Sitting at the table to your immediate right is the Chatty Cheetah; friends keep coming up to him and he has no chance to get his work done.

In the distance is the Nervous-Wreck Narwhal; he is constantly tapping his foot, looking up at people who pass by hoping none of them ask to sit at his table, all because he is too stressed to focus on his work.

Sitting in a lounge chair in the middle of the library is the Thirsty Camel with her coffee – who forgot to plug her headphones into the computer when she wanted to watch a YouTube video. You know she’s not going to actually do any work.

And then there is you, the Distracted Duck, alone at your table, with your headphones in. All you have done is taken out your stuff, picked up your phone, gotten distracted by someone walking by and then observed your surroundings to realize that nobody is actually getting any work done. You look down at the clock on your computer and realize that an hour has passed since you arrived. And then your best friend, the Social Salamander, walks up to your table; great, good luck getting any work done now.


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Dustin Hacker is an Opinion and Satire writer for CisternYard News. He is a freshman at the College and can frequently be found riding his skateboard around Charleston, particularly at the Battery.

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