DJ Spotlight: Geoffrey and Phillip of “Beside The Point”

With every semester here at CisternYard Radio, we gather a new crop of up and coming DJs we call flagships. Geoffrey and Phillip have joined the ranks of this honored group and are only within the second half of their freshman year. They host “Beside the Point” and always manage to bring a great vibe with them wherever they go. So we decided to sit down with CYR’s new buddy duo so you get to know the guys behind the mic.

CYR: How does it feel to be flagship and what do you hope to accomplish this semester at CYR?

Phillip: We are really excited to be flagships, it was something that we have talked about doing since last semester. This semester, we really want to go to some concerts with media passes, so we can interview some artists for our show. We also are attempting to arrange a house show with two of our favorite ambient bands. Stay tuned on that…
Geoffrey: I’m really excited to get to take more leadership at the station, but there’s a certain irony in a show about side projects taking a central role around CYR.

CYR: What is your show and how is it unique?

P: We host Beside the Point (Names you know, bands you don’t). We feature the side projects of our favorite well known artists, which allows us to play basically any genre of music, which allows our show to be incredibly diverse.

G: We have been scientifically documented as having the highest pun to common vernacular ratio of any radio program in history.

CYR: If you could have any celebrity invite you to dinner, who would it be?

P: We unanimously agree upon Jeff Mangum. It would be a beautifully awkward evening…

G: Concept: a candlelit room, a delicious vegan meal (respecting Jeff’s lifestyle, of course), a copy of Diary of a Young Girl placed reverently as the centerpiece. Maybe he’s been “memed” beyond all belief, but I could sit in reclusive silence across the table from him for hours.

CYR: What song never gets old?

G: Engine by Neutral Milk Hotel. See above for explanation.

P: “Spirit They’ve Vanished” by Animal Collective. It always leaves my ears ringing, and I think that’s the point…

CYR: Alright, for this next part you just need to give us a yuck or yum. Cool?

G: Ice Cold


P: Yuck. Sorry.
G:Chik-fil-a: yum (unless Jeff Mangum is there. In which case, I’m vegan. Trust me.)
CYR: Nicki Minaj
G: Yuck.

CYR: Harrison Tucker (Programming/Music Director at CYR aka Daddy)

G: yum ‘,:)

P: 😉

note: these are the literal faces they gave us

CYR: Bananas

P: yum

G:yum ‘,:D
CYR: Dogs
G: Yum
P: If someone doesn’t say yum to this, they are broken.
CYR: Boots
P: I haven’t worn anything but my boots since September, therefore yum.
G:yum. Try them braised or grilled for extra flavor!
CYR: Kiwi
G:yuck. Fruit should not have hair.
P: Shut up Geoffrey, kiwi is so yum.
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You can also catch “Beside The Point” on CisternYard Radio Mondays at 7PM and find them on Facebook.
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