DJ Spotlight: Brantley of “Folkin’ Around”

This semester, we have a familiar face in our new fleet of flagship DJs. Brantley has been with us since her humble beginnings at the college and ever since she has been “Folkin’ Around.” So we decided to ask her a few questions so that way, you all have the opportunity to know the voice behind the mic.

CYR: How does it feel to be a Flagship DJ?

Brantley: It honestly feels so amazing. Being a DJ and working with CYR the past 3 semesters has been such a great experience for me so I’m super excited to take it to the “next level.”

CYR: What is your show at CYR and what makes it different from others?

Brantley: My show is called Folkin’ Around (and no I did not intentionally name it after a Panic! at The Disco song). Up until this semester I have been playing exclusively folk music, with each show focusing on a different sub-genre. I have decided to switch it up this semester and will be focusing on a new genre or theme every week. I put a ton of research into the artists I play on my show and try to give my listeners as much info as possible.

CYR: Did your hometown have an effect on your music taste?

Brantley: Not exactly. Daytona Beach doesn’t have anything close to a music scene other than the occasional Beatles cover band. I would definitely say my mom playing classic rock constantly during my childhood had the biggest influence on my music taste today.

CYR: What is your favorite childhood show?

Brantley: Definitely Sabrina the Teenage Witch! But not the cartoon version. I still watch it on a semi-regular basis. Who doesn’t want a talking cat and magical powers?

CYR: What is your go to song when you feel angry?

Brantley: My most consistent angry song is probably “Admit It!!” by Say Anything. I first started listening to Say Anything and high school and they are perfect for angsty/angry moods. Also anything by Andrew Jackson Jihad, cause nothing screams “I hate everything” like some good Folk Punk.


Alright, for this next part we give you an item and you have to give it a “yuck” or “yum”

Brantley of Folkin Around


Brantley: Yum

Rap Rock music

Brantley: Like rap that is also rock? if so, I am intrigued. Yum

Expo Markers

Brantley: Yum


Brantley: Yuck

Hand Sanitizer

Brantley: Yuck

Medium Rare Steak

Brantley: Yuck (Medium Well all the way)

Mashed Potatoes

Brantley: YUM

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