Staff Spotlight: Programming Director, Harrison

There’s no real way to describe the Programming Director for CisternYard Radio. Harrison is a man of many names and many mysteries. Having been involved with the station for years, he hosted “How Not To Be Lonely” and is now the beloved “Daddy” of CYR. Because he is such an elusive character here at the station, we had a few of our DJs come up with a few questions so that way we could all get to know the Tuck.

Kei of Yamashiro Radio: What has been the most memorable moment in your life at CofC?

Harrison: Right now I would say that last semester as a whole has been my most memorable moment as a whole. I met some great friends, and really started to get connected with the local scenes. Late nights of going out with friends, seeings a lot of local music, and just being as serendipitous as possible. I figured a lot of things out and what direction I think I want to head. I just became happy with life in gen.

Crescendo of The Break: What’s your last regret?

Harrison: I didn’t write as much as I wanted to over winter break as I wanted to. I built up winter break and how I was going to write a whole new play, but instead I just played video games. And also that Crescendo of The Break and I haven’t started our surf harsh noise band yet.

Stephanie of Tuesdays with 215: Why do people call you Daddy?

Daddy: You tell me.

Ethan of Blast to the Past: Where do you get your clothes?

Everywhere, I try not to be stick to one particular place. I try to think you can make almost anything cool if you incorporate it right. I’m a real stickler when it comes to spending money, so I try to shop as cheap as possible. Some of my favorite stuff I’ve found in the reject section of the sale rack. The only thing I have a hard time finding are pants since I have these legs that are about as long as my torso and these weird hips, so shopping for that can be hard.

Ethan: What’s your biggest inspiration?

Harrison: I find myself getting inspired by music a lot of the time. I always have music playing, if it’s when I’m working or just walking to class. Music to me is all about the mood it creates, and the moods that strike up are what influence me a lot in my work. I also find a lot of inspiration in architecture. It’s interesting seeing how things are structured and set up, and how that can be implicated into everyday life. It’s all around us, and it’s the structuring or the times and influence.

For this next part, you gotta give us a yuck or a yum!

CYR: Hand Sanitizer-

Harrison: Yuck, it never makes you feel as clean as you want to and when I was a kid I put some in my eyes because I thought it would feel good.

CYR: Peaches

Yum. Did you know that south Carolina produces more peaches than Georgia? Also join and follow me on the social media known as Peach at harrysantucker.

CYR: Blue Ink Pens

Yum. Blue pens are the way to go, black is too boring and formal but anything else besides blue is too obnoxious. I try to always have one in my pocket, just in case.

CYR: Japanese Food

Harrison: Yum. Are we talking about americanized Japanese food or actually Japanese food? Either way oishii because i’m weeaboo trash.

CYR: Bears

Yum/Yuck (What kind are we talking about? One type is cute and the other type is dangerous.)

CYR: Steak

Yum. The bloodier the better

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