Couple celebrates 10 year anniversary after a hookup from Yik Yak

After a decade, OP and Shovel have a combined yakarma score of 15,000. Photo courtesy of ChrisGampat via Flickr creative commons.

After a decade, OP and Shovel have one cat and a combined yakarma score of 15,000. (Photo courtesy of ChrisGampat via Flickr creative commons)

It has been well noted that this Tuesday is the 10 year anniversary of a couple who began with a hookup on Yik Yak. Shovel and OP, two lovely young adults from Charleston, met on the anonymous social media app, (or should we call it a dating app now?) 10 years ago. It all started when OP was lonely and wanted someone to cuddle.

The story goes that OP ventured into the Yak during a boring time in her life when she wanted a little more to think about other than school and how lonely she was. After posting a very open-ended statement along the lines of, “I really wish I had a guy to cuddle with on a boring night like tonight,” she quickly got an ego boost. Shovel, the first suitor to respond, asked for her Kik and information was quickly exchanged.

“I knew it was going to be something special when I saw that Shovel was the first person to respond,” OP said. “You know, most people are skeptical of this whole Yik Yak hookup culture; they say it does not work out well. All I can say is that you can look at me and Shovel and see that anyone could potentially find their soulmate on the Yak.”

OP surely got butterflies in her stomach when she saw that Shovel was the first to respond to her post. As things transitioned over to Kik, Shovel immediately put OP on the spot when he asked, “OP, will you marry me???”

As Shovel waited for a response, they both recalled that the tension mounted. Despite being in a state of bliss and feeling so in love, OP had not yet decided if she wanted to commit the rest of her life to Shovel. On the other end, Shovel began to sweat. The tension only lasted about 15 seconds, but Shovel recalls that “it felt like eons” before OP responded. Finally, OP built up the courage to respond – and she did so with one word: “YES! :)”

And so the story goes. OP and Shovel are still happily together and always laugh when people bash the idea of a Yik Yak hookup.

Considering that we just passed Valentine’s Day and some of us may have rolled our eyes as we saw all the happy love birds enjoy their day, OP and Shovel suggest that we keep an open mind.

“You never know what will come out of a simple post on Yik Yak. Don’t sell yourself short because you could be like OP and myself 10 years from now,” Shovel said.
Shovel left us with one thought-provoking question: “At this point, I think the name Yik Yak is stupid. Shouldn’t they just call it Kik-Yak?”

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  1. February 16, 2016 @ 8:40 am Nah

    this is a joke right?


  2. February 17, 2016 @ 9:05 pm just sayin hey mona lisa

    YikYak launched three years ago…


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