DJ Spotlight: Kei of “YamaKei Radio”

You are never really sure what you seem to get when you meet someone. Kei came to CisternYard Radio as an exchange student bringing his fanaticism for hip hop, sneakers and excitement for everything music. That’s why we decided to ask Kei a few questions so you could get to know the voice behind the mic!
CYR: What is your show called and what is it about?
Kei: I have my show called YamaKei Radio, which is now live show staring at Saturday noon (EST. That is, it is 2 a.m. in Japan). I mainly introduce U.S. hip-hop songs (sometimes Japanese / Okinawan music), and I also talk about something related to my hobbies, which are sneaker collection, Hot Wheels, etc. I am also planning this show to become a podcast.
CYR: What is the best experience you have had with CisternYard Radio?
Kei: Ah, it is difficult to answer because EVERYTHING is new to me (especially when recording my show), and I really appreciate that I could make friends and work with this CisternYard Radio crew. They are all inspiring to me. SQUAD!
CYR: If you could have any musician as your sidekick, who would it be?
Kei: *In his voice* JUST BLAZE!!! Because I am a fan of his production and respect him a lot. He is also a sneakerhead.
CYR: What is the last song you listened to?
Kei: Hard question, because I usually choose a couple of songs for the day.
JAY Z – “Show Me What You Got”
Joe Budden – “Pump It Up”
Ghostface Killah – “The Champ”
Kendrick Lamar feat. Dr. Dre – “Compton”
Drake feat. Rick Ross – “Lord Knows”
Okay, for this next part give us a “yuck” or a “yum” for each thing
CYR: Green Apples
Kei: Yum. I generally like fruits.
CYR: Reading books
Kei: Yum. Many books can give us a tip of life, but honesty sometimes it is hard for me to follow sentences. I usually prefer magazines.
CYR: Grapefruit
Kei: Yum. Same as above and I like that citrus taste.
CYR: Burnt Rubber
Kei: Yum. I always get excited when I see the thing itself or the sound of it (Hot Rod Hooray!). Also (not relevant), there is a well-known sneaker boutique called BURN RUBBER in Detroit (honesty I have never been there though). If you google it, you will find out how quality the shop is.
CYR: Glitter
Kei: Yum. I also like the shiny stuff.
CYR: Kit Kat Bars
Kei: SWEET! When you come to Japan (I love Japan & Charleston, for sure), you will find various exclusive Kit Kat flavors (such as pudding, wasabi, cheese cake, etc.), and you gotta love it!
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You can also catch Yamakei Radio Saturdays at noon (2AM in Japan) only on CisternYard Radio.
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