DJ Spotlight: Seth Barry-Hinton of “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

No two DJs are alike here at CisternYard Radio and in our history, we have never had anyone quite like Seth. While being a quiet force here at the station, he’s branded his own show around revolutionist music and reviewing most of the new releases that you have probably seen. He’s pretty cool so we decided to ask him a few questions so that way you can get to know the guy behind the mic!

CYR: What is your show here at CYR and how is it unique?

Seth: Well, it’s called The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, named after the classic Gil Scott-Heron song.  It’s largely devoted to protest music, but I’m pretty liberal with that label – basically any song that’s dealing with some kind of social or political problem from a critical perspective is fair game. I try to pull from all kinds of genres and as a result I’ve been discovering some cool new music, or rediscovering stuff I used to listen to, as I make the playlist every week.  So there’s lots of genres and artists, from lots of different time periods and cultural backgrounds, which I think is nice and pluralistic.  Some weeks I theme the playlist around a particular subject like “anti-war songs”, some weeks I just kinda throw a playlist together based on things going on the news, or some weeks I stick to a certain genre. I have a lot of freedom with the way I do the show, which is great.

CYR: What is the last album you listened to beginning to end?

Seth: Probably Savages’ new record Adore Life. It’s a pretty cool piece of post-punk revival that also makes me cry. No shame. I’m confident in my masculinity.

CYR: Who is your musical inspiration?

Seth: Joe Strummer of The Clash. Really the whole band, but Strummer particularly appeals to me. They were punk but they never let that label keep them in a musical box – they were always experimenting and pushing the boundaries of what punk music could be, and I find that really admirable and really useful to keep in mind when making my own music.

CYR: What is your most memorable CYR experience?

Seth: Playing the Half Moon Festival was a lot of fun for me, though I was super nervous. That or the time someone at CYR asked me my favorite pizza topping and I blurted out “P-Rone” like a fool. To this day, the moment haunts me.

CYR: Why do we call Harrison “daddy?”

Seth: I actually don’t know. Is it like an Ol’ Dirty Bastard type thing – there’s no father to his style, he is the patriarch? Harrison is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

CYR: Okay, for this next part just give us a “yuck” or a “yum”

CYR: Paper

Seth: Yum. I like physical copies of books and readings, reading stuff online doesn’t do it for me. Unless you mean just blank pieces of paper, in which case the answer is still yum.

CYR: Turkey Burgers

Seth: Yum!

CYR: Adidas

Seth: I don’t really pay attention to fashion. But I really hated the song “Facts”, so I’ll say Yuck to spite Kanye for releasing Recycle Bin Music. Step your game up, Yeezy.

CYR: Meredith (General Manager of CYR)

Seth: Yum. #DJSlothboxIsForTheChildren

CYR: Umbrellas

Seth: Yum. Umbrellas mean rain and rain means that the weather is matching the existential nihilistic despair I feel at all times.

CYR: Street Signs

Seth: Yuck. Fight the system – jaywalk. You know, when safe to do so.

Seth: Panera

Seth: Yuck. This is actually a major point of contention among my friends because I’m the only one that can’t stand Panera. One of the great things about living in a soul-sucking amoral capitalist society is that I can buy soup in a can – what do I need Panera for?

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You can also catch Seth’s show “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” Mondays at 10 on CisternYard Radio

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