Cherub at the Music Farm – A Show Review

We rolled up to Music Farm at approximately 9:20 and were welcomed by a questionable crowd and some rap beats. It seemed like everybody in the crowd was trashed and just pushing each other around, but wanting to get the most out of our concert experience, we braved it and pushed into the middle. It took about 10 seconds to regret this decision.
The first act was Mike Floss, a rapper I can only describe as the Walmart version of Drake. He kept trying to get the crowd to “hype level 10,” and the only time people really got into it was when he played 30 seconds of Drake’s “Know Yourself.” Otherwise, he was kind of a flop, and the crowd was way too much, so we escaped and went up to the balcony. The view was better up there even though there were people standing in front of us. Also, we could actually breathe, which was a major plus.
Next up was Gibbz. This dude, Mike Gibney, was pretty good — he could play piano and guitar and had a killer voice. His musical style was some mix between synth pop and soul, which was interesting and worked pretty well together. My only critique is that he had a hard time hitting his high notes, and there were a lot of them. I was definitely entertained by him, though, and it reassured me after the slight trainwreck of a first act I had just watched.
Finally, Cherub came on. I only knew their songs “Freaky Me, Freaky You” and “Doses & Mimosas,” so I didn’t get super into it like a lot of the crowd did (although, as I said, everybody was trashed, so they were having a great time anyway). Their set was super fun and high energy, and I liked how the lead singer hooked his guitar up to a talk box to add another element to his guitar solos.
Overall, it was a good show with good sound quality, light setup, and music. I just wish I had maybe looked into the acts’ music a bit more beforehand so I could’ve gotten more into it. Also, I wish I had gotten there earlier and gotten a good spot because it was crowded “af” and I just wanted to stand somewhere with a view unobstructed by a fellow (drunk) concertgoer.
Kristen Kornbluth
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