Chelsea Clinton Speaks with the Bully Pulpit Series

Chelsea Clinton speaking at the College on Friday, February 26. Photo courtesy of Katie Carter.

Chelsea Clinton spoke to students at the College on Friday, in a final push to get out the vote. Chelsea’s mother Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Primary on Saturday. (Photo by Katie Carter)

On Thursday evening, Hillary Clinton held a town hall at the Royal Baptist Church in North Charleston. Following her mother’s visit, Chelsea Clinton participated in a town hall at the College hosted by the Bully Pulpit Series. The visit was part of a final push for voter turnout, ahead of the primary on Feb. 27.

As one of Clinton’s opening remarks, she mentioned that this is the most important election she has ever been a part of because it is her first as a mother. “This election will shape the future that my children and their children will grow up in,” Clinton said. Clinton and her husband have a baby named Charlotte and are expecting another child later this year.

The theme of being a woman and a mother were consistent for the duration of the town hall. Clinton mentioned how healthcare is  even more important to her in her new role as a mother. She mentioned that her mother Hillary intends to build on what President Obama has already done to pass the Affordable Care Act, rather than tear the program apart.  “Republicans are not passively against the Affordable Care Act, they are actively against it,” she said.

Clinton also  mentioned how the death of Justice Scalia is a tragedy and should be respected, rather than becoming another political argument. Additionally, she touched on how she and her family find it disturbing that there has been a normalization of hate speech throughout the Republican party and that it is “un-American.”

Following her remarks, the floor was opened up to questions by students and locals alike. The first question, asked by a professor of early childhood education at the College, was about the importance of paid maternity leave and early childhood education. Clinton responded, “[Paid maternity leave] is important for a mother’s and a child’s long term health as it allows the mother and child to form a stronger bond.” Clinton related this point back to her own daughter and concluded by saying paid maternity leave and early childhood education are “some of the biggest investments we can make, both morally and economically.”

Among other questions, the audience’s favorite was asked by a girl who was too young to vote: “What is Charlotte’s favorite book?” Clinton laughed and told the girl that her favorite book is “Choo Choo.” Clinton proceeded to recite the first two pages of the book by memory. She finished her response by mentioning how proud she was of the girl for attending the event because people like her are the future of this country.
As a response to the final question, Clinton addressed the millennials: “As president, my mother intends to elevate awareness about the importance of universal voter registration because if all young people vote, and know that their vote is valuable, we will be able to bring about real change in this country.”

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Dustin Hacker is an Opinion and Satire writer for CisternYard News. He is a freshman at the College and can frequently be found riding his skateboard around Charleston, particularly at the Battery.

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