DJ Spotlight: Josh Cronin of “KosherBeets”

Josh Cronin is probably one of the more relaxed people here at CisternYard Radio. It also reflects in the music that he plays for his show, “KosherBeets” (an homage both to hip hop and his jewish roots). Josh has always been himself and has been comfortable being just another DJ here at CYR so thats why we decided to ask him some questions so that way you could get to know the guy behind the mic.

CYR: What is your show here at CYR and what makes it different from the others?

Josh: My show here on CYR is called KosherBeets. I would classify what I play as “beat music,” a lot of deep house, instrumental hip-hop and future bass, but my show is by no means limited to those genres. I think what separates my show from the others here at CYR is how deep it is. KosherBeets is a spiritual experience. I just love music, man. It’s the most important thing in my life.

CYR: What song makes you feel like a kid again?

Josh: Brand New, “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows”

CYR: What is the last album you listened to beginning to end?

Josh: D’Angelo’s Voodoo, I listen to it almost every day.

CYR: If you could have any musical sidekick who would it be?

Josh: Definitely Rick Rubin, that dude is a genius and probably the chillest looking individual on the planet.

CYR: Any celebrity crushes?

Josh: Oh man, I have a lot. Kehlani is definitely number one, though. Call me back Kehlani.

CYR: Okay, for this next part give us a “yuck” or “yum” for each item. Cool?

CYR: Squids

Josh: Yum, you ever heard of calamari?

CYR: Courage the Cowardly Dog

Josh: Yum, one of my favorites growing up. That show was bonkers.

CYR: Moe’s

Josh: Yuck, it’s Moe’s. It’s not even my number two chain burrito establishment. Q’doba has got that spot locked down.

CYR: Thai Food

Josh: Yum, thai food is fire. Thai Food from Fire is bad though.

CYR: Chameleons

Josh: Yum, I consider myself a chameleon of sorts. People have mistaken me for being Latino, Italian and Greek. I’m not any of those. I’m not any thing.

CYR: Sandy Beaches

Josh: Yum, keep those beaches sandy.

CYR: Converse Shoes

Josh: Yum, not until recently, though. I saw some marble print ones on the Instagram that were really nice.

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