How to Vote in SGA Elections 2016

The posters are up, and so is the ante: Student Government Association Election 2016 must be here. Candidates are campaigning for offices in the executive branch and senate of SGA. This election will decide the representatives for sophomore, junior and senior classes, while freshman candidates will run in the fall.

Running for President of SGA are current Vice President Michael Faikes and Student Body Secretary Emily Torchiana. Both candidates are dedicated to improving the student experience and have proposed policies for academic forgiveness and communication between SGA and the student body. Faikes is running a campaign focused on improving relations between students, administration and the academic departments, while Torchiana’s policies emphasize campus safety and student life.

Faikes, who has also served as Student Body Treasurer, is running with current Chief of Staff Jasmine Gil. On their campaign website, the team emphasizes their role in amending the Medical Amnesty Policy, allowing students to seek medical help for drug and alcohol-related emergencies without being penalized by Student Conduct. Faikes and Gil also helped restructure Student Government and create meal equivalency options at Einstein Bros. Bagels. If elected, the duo hopes to create a student leader cabinet to represent the diverse population on campus. They also hope to work with Charleston’s community leaders and local businesses to improve life for students.

Photo courtesy of College of Charleston Student Government Association Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of College of Charleston Student Government Association Facebook page.

Torchiana, now in her second year as Student Body Secretary, is running with Noa Levin, bringing a fresh face into the SGA. Despite lack of experience, “I feel that I have a new and positive opinion to bring to SGA, to make this organization even better,” said Levin on the team’s campaign site. Torchiana and Levin plan to create a forum for students to bring up concerns and ideas with the option of remaining anonymous. The campaign pledges to make campus safer by increasing campus camera coverage and lighting, improving the Cougar Shuttle and creating a campus safety app that will be ready to use by summer orientation. Other plans include grocery delivery from Harris Teeter and weekend shuttles to the beach.


Voting is open on OrgSync from 8 a.m. March 23 to 5 p.m. March 24. See below for instructions on voting and a complete list of candidates.

  1. Use your MyCofC login information
  2. If you do not already have a profile, quickly create one to vote!
  3. On the Community Homepage, click on “Elections” on the left side of your screen
  4. Click Join and this will bring you to the Student Government Association Election Page, begin by clicking on “Spring 2016 SGA Elections” to cast your vote.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Complete SGA Ballot:


  • Emily Torchiana
  • Michael Faikes

Vice President:

  • Noa Levin
  • Jasmine Gil


  • Mallory Royer
  • Theodore Broda


  • Presley Leopard
  • Chakadasovavan (Jack) Or
  • Meghan Longtin

Senior Senator:

  • Michael Faikes
  • Presley Leopard
  • Jasmine Gil
  • Lance Foxworth
  • Olivia Oliver
  • Akul Patel

Junior Senator:

  • Theodore Broda
  • Meghan Longtin
  • Anne Simpson
  • Kate Glass
  • Ashley Lench
  • Mitchell Madara
  • Brianna Stewart
  • Cara Webb
  • Nicholas Catherall
  • Corey Mordas
  • Adezha Eisan
  • John Reveral

Sophomore Senator:

  • Mallory Royer
  • Ridgeland Welch
  • Chakadasovavan (Jack) Or
  • Tia Dye
  • Hira Patel
  • Sarah Dixon
  • Alexandra Helfgott
  • Madeline Dunn
  • Audrey Davis
  • Auline (Ali) Ponder
  • Emma Hart
  • Bridget Snydstrup
  • La’Nasa Clarkson
  • Brooke Borges
  • Pablo Palacios
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