Charleston Fashion Week Continues: Wrap-Up

Day 3: Friday

When I arrived in the evening, I was immediately assigned to an emerging designer, Jon Milner. After working with Ricky Lindsey, two nights earlier, I was surprised to find that Jon (I will refer to him by his first name, since I addressed him this way while working with him), did not bring any assistants with him. Jon even carried in his boxes and rolled in his garment rack by himself, with a relaxed and efficient manner. If anyone is interested in what he was wearing (like me), he looked similar to someone you would see on any street: classic, casual and “under the radar.” These details may seem insignificant, but as someone who studies the components of ensembles on Man Repeller, I wrote (typed on my “Notes” app) the specifics of what he was wearing, intrigued by the supposed ease of his personal style. Here it is, broken down for you guys:

  • black baseball cap
  • black t-shirt and jeans
  • Adidas soccer (tennis?) shoes
  • green and blue plaid button-up (all buttons undone, of course)

He showed his collection to his friend and fellow competitor, Emily Seifert (who had a whimsical and spring-inspired line up). The only person who came with him was one of his college friends: a friendly, peppy, easygoing girl in a dress, who was there for support but also to take in the sights (male models). During the lulls, she and I struck up several conversations. She told me how she and Jon went to NC State together, both with a major in fashion marketing. Jon graduated from NC State in 2015, and the friend said she and Jon would have been in the same graduating class, but she had to do an extra year, smiling while she explained their story and friendship. She went on to explain that Jon had only begun designing clothes a few months ago. I was so impressed, especially because of the simplicity, unity, and beauty of his collection.┬áJon’s collection did not have many pieces, but it made sense. His pieces were coherent yet varied, so for only a few months’ work and a first time designer, I was inspired. Here are the components of his collection for the competition and show:

  • black and/or tan heels with matching sheer, nylon, ankle-length footies
  • thick fabric “vest dresses” in a beige, seashell color
  • black and white pin stripe suits with a twist (i.e. gaucho-style pants with slits to the knees)
  • burgundy/dark red pleather “jacket dresses”

(Photo by Michael Wiser)

Overall, I enjoyed working for Jon Milner, gossiping with his friend, and helping to fix the models’ hair and shoe problems before they glided toward the runway.



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