Waka Flocka at the Music Farm: A Show Review

Tickets sold out, venue packed, Waka Flocka made his appearance at Music Farm around three hours after the concert began. Running on stage sporting a completely purple outfit while “Trap Queen” played in the background, he was clearly excited to be there. It was evident from the start that the concert was more about having fun than Waka’s actual music. This was confirmed when he jumped into the crowd, performing from the pit of sweaty attendees for thirty minutes of his two hour set.

Before Waka made his big debut, he had three rather bizarre opening acts to begin the night. It began with a one man act who failed to announce his name, performing only one song before resigning to the corner of the stage for the rest of the night. This act was followed by a duo called Styles & Complete, who bounced around stage singing various hip-hop songs. Their performance was brief, lasting only three songs. The last opening act was by far the strangest of the three, Ben G, a rap artist who doubles as a DJ. Ben G took the stage for over an hour, performing some of his original songs, which were definitely unrecognized by the crowd. However, he did get the crowd’s attention when he decided to play what seemed to be the top ten most recent hits, which he accompanied with some dance moves. All three opening acts made it clear that the main purpose of the concert was to party. 

When Waka took to the stage, the audience was visibly pleased, but seemed to be more taken by his presence than his songs. One of the most crowd-pleasing moments occurred when Waka took a joint from an audience member. He also caught a fan’s bra and wore it around his head as he performed “Hard in da Paint.” 

The audience was there to watch Waka do the unexpected, not for his great music. His performance was almost always supported by his pre-recorded tracks. His stage was filled with random dancing people, some Waka seemed to know and others, lucky audience members (mostly girls) invited to experience the concert from the stage.

Although the opening acts were a bit strange, and Waka failed to exactly perform, it was clear he knew how to have fun and how to make the concert one big party for his fans.

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  1. March 31, 2016 @ 8:43 pm Tyler

    Styles & Complete did not open for Waka not sure where you got that info from. Styles & Complete will be performing at the Music Farm April 29th.


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