Big Gigantic at Music Farm: A Show Review

Walking into the Big Gigantic concert blind, I was greeted by a sold out venue with a collection of glow sticks, light-up sneakers, colorful outfits and the biggest wall of speakers I have ever seen. If you are unfamiliar with Big Gigantic, they are a duo act who accompany rave style beats with a saxophone and a set of drums. They brought in a diverse array of people, mostly late twenty-somethings dressed in rave attire, but also a large number of middle-age men in button down shirts, whom I found amusing.

Big Gigantic, better known as Big G, was opened by Louis Futon and DJ United. Both were crowd pleasers, playing their most popular songs such as Louis Futon’s song, “Wasted on You,” full of insane drops and techno beats. He also played his remix of “Weight in Gold,” one of his most popular tunes. It was not as fast paced as the rest of the show, but was happily embraced by the crowd. DJ United followed with a set of fast techno songs, harder to dance to, but fun for jumping.

After both openers, the crowd did not lose any of its vigor; girls with futuristic face makeup ran around, couples in matching tie dye outfits danced together and there was a group of hula hoopers with glowing hoops showing off their skills. As the lights dimmed, and the filler music died down, the crowd bounced with anticipation.

Big G came on and the crowd went wild. The lights flashed with full force. Knowing that the real party was just starting, the crowd got rowdy. Playing many of their biggest hits including, “Clvdbvrst,” “Sky High,” “It’s Goin’ Down” and “I Need a Dollar,” as well as many others, the crowd sang and grooved along. Every song they preformed was filled with crazy beats and a bass so strong it reverberated in my chest. 

Seeing as I wasn’t prepared for the rave, the concert was a bit overwhelming. But Big G definitely delivered to the fans, and welcomed me with a concert filled with great music, plenty of dancing, killer saxophone and a venue colored with lights. 

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