Student Voices: Donald Trump is Destroying the Republican Party

Donald Trump speaks to a crowd of 900 in North Charleston, SC. (Michael Wiser/staff)

Donald Trump speaks to a crowd of 900 in North Charleston, SC. (Michael Wiser/staff)

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has created quite a debacle for the upcoming election, much less for the future of the country and how to “make America great again.”

Because of Trump’s boisterous nature, the primaries have been full of mudslinging, which has not been good for anyone.

Trump does not stand for American values. His candidacy in this election will potentially break our country rather than fix it. There has been more violence at his rallies than any other, which should already be a warning.

If Trump succeeds in winning the Republican nomination, a majority of moderate voters could side with Hillary Clinton, giving her a strong advantage in the swing states. She is more likely to stay composed and win electoral votes considering her political experience.

At the same time, strong supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich will have grown so disenchanted with Trump and his mudslinging that they may choose not to participate in the general election at all.

Trump’s lack of a filter of any kind is killing the Republicans in the primaries, making the party look less educated and composed thanks to his antics. Who would want a president that succeeds in making others feel depraved? That is not what our country is about.

Using a handful of non-truths to ruin his opponents, Trump has succeeded in propagating misinformation. Some voters actually believe Cruz can’t be president because he was born in Canada. Although Cruz was born an American citizen because he was born to American parents, Trump clearly will hurt any candidate he can – any way he can – just to make himself look more important and educated.


Although people dislike Clinton or believe she is dishonest (thanks to the email scandal when she was Secretary of State), they should be more concerned about how often Trump has flip-flopped his views just so he could run as a Republican.

In 1999, he said on the Larry King Live show that he believed in “universal health care.” But now he is opposing it since it belongs to the party he will be running against

Trump was a registered Democrat from 2001-2009 and has given money to both parties, such as Republican senator John McCain and Democrat John Kerry. He has gone from pro-choice to pro-life.

It is difficult to fathom such a man as our president. I can only imagine what shambles our country would be in if he were elected.

Can you imagine Trump handling foreign policy? How can we elect a man who has no filter to be our negotiator with ISIS or Russia?

Clinton is our safest bet, and for our country’s sake and safety, I hope Trump is not our next president.

Citizens need to pay attention to this election and do some research before voting, or our country will be in more trouble than it is already.


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