Big Gigantic at the Music Farm – A Show Review

Another night at the Music Farm filled with debauchery and showgirls was exactly what happened during the Big Gigantic concert. The Lineup consisted of local Charleston resident DJ United, then Louis Futon, to make way for Big Gigantic.

DJ United was able to get the crowd going but then switching to Louis Futon. He  wasn’t really a good warm-up for the concert goer, as all the energy was cut off halfway through the songs and he found a new and exciting way to look like he’s doing a lot without doing anything behind the decks. He played excellent music and you could tell he was very talented at putting songs together, however I came to see a show, not a studio session unfold.

After a 30 minute wait for the headliner Big G to come on and the longest line ever seen at a men’s room in America. The lights dimmed and a saxophone blared and we were off to the races. In all the EDM shows that’ve come through Charleston and the amount of bass music I listen to, this is one of the better shows I’ve seen in a small venue. The two lighting people in the booth deserve a medal, all of the lights made this show incredibly awe-inspiring, with bright colors murdering tracks Big G played the entire night. The two producers playing style switched up several times as well, going back between hip hop and future funk, to world bass, and then to a genre currently being defined I call wubz. The genre is exactly how it sounds full of bubbling bass like a dubstep song, but without the brain melting basslines.

This concert was on another level, the crowd had a moshpit going, people were openly smoking weed, and the whole vibe of the concert was full of passion and love. Big Gigantic brought organic sounds to a realm of complete electronic instrument controlled production, it made them unique, and the crowd loved it. I would recommend this live show to anyone who likes music, and anyone who wants to see what’s next in electronic music.

JP DeGross

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