Simple DIY projects for your dorm room

Dorm rooms can seem uninviting and dull, but by following these easy DIY projects your room will look better than ever!

Jewelry Organizer

This wall jewelry organizer will take away the frustration and irritability of tangled necklaces once and for all. Pick up an old frame and some cup hooks from any basic hardware store to create this simple display. Line the hooks up about an inch apart along the top section of the frame and screw them into place. Hang the frame up on your wall and add your favorite necklaces to complete this easy and chic DIY.


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Wall Photo Display

Taking inspiration from Urban Outfitter’s decor, this photo display is sure to give your room a trendy vibe. Take a walk outside to the Battery or Waterfront Park and find a medium size branch. Purchase some twine and print out your favorite photos to begin assembling the display. Cut your twine into five pieces making them as long or as short as you desire. Hole punch the top and bottom of the images you selected and tie a knot to secure them along the twine. Make sure you leave space at the top of the string to tie it onto the branch. Mount your branch on the walls using command strips and enjoy your hanging photo display!


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Vision Board

This DIY is one of my favorites because you can make it your own and personalize your board tailoring it to what inspires you! All you need is a simple cork board, some push pins and images that grab your attention. Choosing pictures or quotes that represent goals you wish to accomplish this school year is a great way to stay motivated throughout the semester. This board can constantly change along with the dreams and ideas that spark your interest.


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Succulent Plant 

Adding plants into your room instantly livens up your space and adds a nice pop of greenery. Succulent plants are awesome because they are low maintenance and only have to be watered once every few days. Grab any size mason jar and pick out your favorite succulent. Fill up the bottom portion of the jar with pebbles and then layer soil on top of them to give it a contemporary look. Plant your succulent on top of the soil and place it on your desk to bring your room to life!


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Book Holder

This DIY is the perfect way to store your books in a small space where you do not necessarily have room for shelving. Use an empty cereal box and cut the top flaps off with a pair of scissors. Draw a line on both sides of the box starting at the top and stopping about 4 inches above where the box ends and cut accordingly. Cover your box in either contact paper or wrapping paper that will match the color scheme of the rest of your room. Add your books into it and place it on your desk to create this stylish and convenient spin on storage.



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