Getter at the Music Farm — A Show Review

Last Monday, Music Farm played host to Getter as the 12th stop on his “Wat The Frick” tour. Tanner Petulla, A.K.A. Getter, is one of the hottest producers within the Future Bass and Dubstep community right now, pushing 300K followers on Soundcloud and recently signing to OWSLA, the label founded by the father of dubstep himself, Skrillex. Collaborations with dub giants Datsik, Borgore, and Ghastly have helped garner his growing fanbase and enabled him to embark on this inaugural headlining tour.

The night got off to a slow start with DJ sets from Sneek and Yultron which seemed to lack the intensity and creativity that one would hope to preface the wacky, wild style of Getter. Both sets had some fun moments, but the monotony of generic dubstep and house drops made for a relatively vapid 2 hours of casual head-bobbing and checking my watch.

After Yultron wrapped up his set, the somewhat despondent crowd immediately snapped to attention as none other than Nick Colleti wandered up to the decks. For those uneducated in the way of Vine, memes, or Getter, Nick Colleti is the man responsible for the beautiful/terrible proliferation of “Suh Dude” as a legitimate salutation and inspiring Getter’s remix of said salutation.

Colleti killed a few minutes with some hip-hop tracks while the farm was setting up for the main event. His transitions were sloppy, his cues poorly timed, and his track selection generic, but none of that mattered as we sang along with the one true Suh Dude.

Finally as the clock crept towards 12, Getter took the stage. The crowd was immediately blasted into an auditory blur of growling bass and screeching leads that assaulted the ear drums, much like the flailing elbows of sweaty moshers assaulted my ribs. From the first drop, the increase in crowd energy was unbelievable and only interrupted when Getter would get on the mic to comment on the filthy sounds he was hurling at the audience or question our sanity, given that it was a Monday night.

His hour and a half set flew by, leaving all involved drenched in sweat, smiling ear to ear, and utterly exhausted. As the crowd shuffled out, moshers could be seen high-fiving and nodding their heads in approval. I left the show with ears ringing and heart pounding, already wishing I was still getting my chest rattled by Getter’s grungy beats.

Written by Matt Green

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