Disney’s Moana puts a new spin on what it means to be royal

All across America, both men and women are taking part in a women empowerment revolution by shedding light on how the media sets unrealistic standards in the minds of women everywhere — specifically young girls.

The public is tired of this trend and has decided to start a new one: embrace and love yourself for who you are, regardless of your race, weight or relational status. This psychological influence starts at a very young age. So, it now looks as if Disney wants to jump in on the fun and have a role in putting power in the hands and minds of women (young and old) all across the country.

Disney Animation Studios is now preparing to release a new film that could totally change how we see princesses forever. “Moana” is set to be released on Thanksgiving of 2016, and news reports are already buzzing about the female lead. Let’s just say, there are many things about Moana worth getting excited about.


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She is a Polynesian princess.

This may not seem like a big deal to most, but if you look at the facts, 70 percent of “official” Disney princesses are white. Even in real life, the majority of actors you see on the big screen are white as well. To turn heads towards different cultures and traditions, Disney writers decided Moana should be from the Southern Pacific, which is made up of varying origins spanning all across the globe. Auli’i Cravalho, the voice of Moana, is a Hawaiian native herself. This decision will allow people all over the world to have an idea of what life is like from a very small part of the globe. Also, it widens the variety of role models young girls have to look up to, giving them more of a chance to relate, whether it be through demeanor, skin color, heritage or spirit.

She has a more realistic body.

The Disney animators involved in the film wanted to make Moana “look like she could physically hold her own.” Recently, the Animation Studio has been under some scrutiny because princesses in the past have had disproportional bodies with pencil-thin waists. Girls see this at a young age and want to look like them, and the entire body-conscious process begins. And once it is in action, it is hard to reverse. Moana will be the beacon of strength and athleticism — and her build will be a direct reflection of her strong-willed mind and determined heart. She will show young girls everywhere that being strong is beautiful too.

She does not need a man.

The writers of the movie have revealed that Moana will neither be searching for love nor will fall in love during the film. Every Disney princess has either been on a quest for love or fallen in love on their quest for something else. This can have a huge impact on young girls, showing them that the only way to be happy is to find a man and live happily ever after. Moana will be bold andfree spirited, with no need to rely on anyone to define who she is.

“Moana” will be released on Nov. 23, 2016 in theaters everywhere.

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