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One80 Place launches Homeless Justice Project

Trespassing, drinking in public, shoplifting. Minor charges that for most just result in a fine. For some, however, the issue becomes much more than the fine; it is their reasons for trespassing, what led them to drinking in public, what they needed—and thus had to steal—that is the true issue. For many people experiencing homelessness, accumulated…


Our Wonder Women: The legacies of Conseula Francis and Alison Piepmeier

By: Courtney Eker and Justine Hall Photos courtesy of friends and family of Francis and Piepmeier Fierce. Magnificent. Activist. Inspiring. Badass. Family. If you could sum up the legacy of two vibrant, passionate and influential women in one word, what would it be? Alison Piepmeier and Conseula Francis were more than colleagues of the College…

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