Being a first time voter in this election

In a short month I will be able to vote for the President of the United States. This is typically an extremely exciting and special event for young adults, but unfortunately, my first election is not so typical. I do not normally pay much attention to politics, but that is irrelevant, because this election does not have much to do with politics at all. My little understanding of the political world does not seem to matter this time around. The general focus has become social media, new scandals and fights over the candidate’s selfish attributes rather than the issues of our country.

Let’s break down these candidates. Donald Trump, who is a business tycoon that brings more attention to his hair piece than how he’s going to “make America great again,” verses Hillary Clinton, a slightly respectable woman who apparently spends more time sending deceitful emails than speaking on the issues. From simply watching the news and paying attention during debates, I cannot tell you ANYTHING off of the top of my head about what they want to do to strengthen America. I can, however, tell you all about each and every one of their stupid scandals, or show you a meme of the two bozos screaming at each other. Lovely.

(Photo courtesy of normancjr on Flickr Creative Commons)

(Photo courtesy of normancjr on Flickr Creative Commons)

Eventually, it just comes down to the lesser of the evils. I ask myself, “Who will be more likely to destroy the oval office?” “Which one do you think will get us bombed first?” And most importantly, “Which one might actually make a difference?” This is the question that has been bouncing around in my thoughts. Whenever I was younger, I would always think that when I received the chance to vote, it would mean my voice would finally be heard. Back then a vote would be my way of making a difference in the country. As I grow older, I understand the reality of this idea. In the grand scheme of the system, my vote does not mean as much as I thought it would, but it still means something. That something is now sadly going toward a person that I do not even fully support. My small, yet mighty voice is going to the person I think sucks less.

So how do I feel to be a first time voter? I’m terrified. All I can do is hope that whoever wins will eventually showcase their true intentions outside of how media portrays them. If our country begins to be run by the personalities shown on the news, we are literal toast. Let’s all just hope Hillary wins, so that we at least have someone with natural hair, a person who wants to keep it wall-free between our neighbors and a person who does not disparage women.

At this point, I just need someone human to run the country.

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