Waka Flocka Flame at the Music Farm — A Show Review

On Thursday, Ben G and some opening acts brought down the house in an intoxicating performance by Waka Flocka Flame. First, DJ Whoo Kid livened up the crowd with his funky mashups starting with “Closer” by the Chainsmokers. Not only were the fans eager to watch Waka perform but he kept teasing the crowd when he poked his head out of the VIP section. Before the show started there was a surprise performance by two unknown rappers who began hyping up the crowd. As everyone somewhat impatiently waited for Waka to come out, Waka’s longtime friend Ben G emerged from his possy on stage. Ben G captured the audience when he stepped into the crowd. When the venue heat up stage assistants kept the audience hydrated as they sent water bottles splashing into the crowd.

Finally, Waka shot out from behind the backstage curtain and immediately revived the crowd by jumping up and down and “dabbing” continuously. He began rapping and took snapchats for a lucky handful of fans. Not only did he take snapchats but he invited a woman onstage to give his friend a lap dance. He also stepped into the crowd and walked to the bar where he began to take shot, this made the crowd go wild. He fought his way through the mass of people and walked up to the balcony of fans overhead the stage. He got flooded with hugs and camera flashes while still managing to sing his songs and engage with the entire place.

This was an overall electrifying experience from start to finish. The way Waka managed to enchant the crowd, sing his songs effortlessly, and give the crowd a very fierce performance was almost educational to watch. The environment was lively from all directions. The wide spectrum of lights coming from the stage and the amount of attention we were getting from the performers was enough to keep everyone intrigued. I was certainly not disappointed after the concert came to an end, and if the next one is anything like this one, I will definitely be there!

Written by Brittney Ricard

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