How Art Thou Jazz welcomes the “Alto Madness” to Charleston

(Photo Courtesy of Rob Rosenblum)

Richie Cole will perform at How Art Thou Jazz Oct. 21 and 22. (Photo Courtesy of Rob Rosenblum)

“When people ask me, Richie what do you do? You know some people are bankers, or they work at a gas station, I tell them I spread peace, joy and happiness throughout the world,” Richie Cole said. “That’s what I do. It’s a full time job. So I’m going to come to Charleston to do exactly that.”

If the name Richie Cole doesn’t ring a bell in your head, perhaps the phrase  “alto madness,” which has been coined as a way to describe the unique and popular bebop style that often fills his songs, does. If not, do not fret, the nationally known musician will be performing in Charleston Oct. 20-22.

Originally born in Trenton, New Jersey, Cole has moved to what he claims to be the “jazz capital of America:” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cole has been professionally playing alto saxophone since age 10. He brings a unique mixture of sincere ballads and high energy songs, and has produced over 50 albums over the years.  But Cole is not just a musician, he is a lover of music at large.

“I  just love playing music for the people. It makes me very happy and if they are happy — that makes me even happier,” Cole said.

Arriving in Charleston for the first time on Oct. 20, Cole will be performing in a set of casual duos with guitarist Chad Bond the same evening at 6 p.m. The performance will be at the Ice House in Summerville.

Cole will also play concerts at How Art Thou Jazz lounge on Oct. 21 and 22 with a 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. show both nights. Performances at the club will provide a more true to form experience of Cole’s sound and talent than of those hosted at the Ice House.

How Art Thou Jazz lounge, located at 1956 Maybank Hwy, is one of a kind. It is increasingly becoming known for hosting world renowned musicians and providing guests with an intimate, close up experience with international talent. The club is revolutionary for the area, and ranks as a top jazz club in South Carolina.

The concerts offer an exceptional combination of artist and venue that are quickly growing in popularity worldwide. The promise of a good time is inevitable, especially considering the peace, joy and happiness that Cole plans to spread through his music.

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