The Starbucks closure no “tall” occurence

On Monday October 17, all Starbucks locations in Charleston and around the world were closed. On that same day, Starbucks had a video chat meeting with all of its employees to discuss a very pertinent issue regarding drink sizes.

Starbucks closed worldwide because of a customer complaint in Los Angeles stating that the barista wouldn’t accept her order for a Small Pumpkin Spice Latte. Rather, when the customer said the size “Small”, the barista simply said, “I’m sorry ma’am, but we don’t have that size.”

“That barista was off her rocker; for her to tell me that Starbucks doesn’t have a small size but insist I say tall is ridiculous. And really, why would you make the smallest size tall, that’s just confusing and obnoxious.”

This argument has turned into a fiasco for Starbucks and caused a massive outpour of posts on social media regarding the issue. One college student chimed in on Twitter pledging her allegiance to Starbucks: “I stand by and support that barista in Los Angeles for sticking to the Starbucks culture and norms. #VentiPSLforlife”


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And this negative publicity for Starbucks isn’t even their biggest concern: As a result of this tussle, Starbucks was closed on Monday in order to have a meeting with employees at all locations. The specific content of the meeting has not been published yet but the theme was surely regarding the drink size issue in Los Angeles.

Monday’s closure has already caused a significant drop for Starbucks’ stock but it also had the unexpected result of causing protests and riots around the country.

Right here in Charleston, we had our own riots. Not even two weeks after the quaint Starbucks on Calhoun Street closed, worldwide Starbucks closure day occurred. A few students were seen banging on the windows of the Starbucks on the corner of Calhoun and King Streets. Police had to intervene before the situation escalated any further.

In Addlestone Library, students were running around the library hooting and hollering about how school should be cancelled if Starbucks is closed. The security guard on duty gave up on attempting to control the scene but rather just joined in. No students expected the security guard, who is constantly telling them not to talk on the second floor, to be cavorting around that floor yelling with a bunch of angry kids.

A passionate protest took place on at the front steps of the library. One student was quoted saying, “Administration needs to do something about this. When hurricane Matthew threatened our lives, we got off of school. Our grades and sanity are now being threatened by a lack of Starbucks, so school should be closed again.”

On Tuesday, Starbucks apologized about any disturbances that their closure may have caused in anyone’s day and said that they had addressed the problem.

For the sake of students at the College and around the country, let’s hope that Starbucks is never closed again. Also, Starbucks, please just change the names of your sizes to Small, Medium and Large. Why do you have to be special?


**Swamp Fox articles are satirical in content**

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Dustin Hacker is an Opinion and Satire writer for CisternYard News. He is a freshman at the College and can frequently be found riding his skateboard around Charleston, particularly at the Battery.

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