The one where they all get evacuated

Where were you for the “Hurri-cation?”

After devastating Haiti, Hurricane Matthew swept through the Southeast a week and a half ago. By the time the storm had arrived in the United States, it was a Category 3 hurricane, dropping in strength as time went on. We do not wish to make light of the very real disaster experienced by many people in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. But natives of the Atlantic coast have a funny way of not taking hurricanes too seriously. Jokes, stories, memes and goofy hashtags abounded.




College students especially seemed to enjoy the free time before midterms, with hashtags trending on twitter and snapchat like #hurricaneparty and #evacuationvacation. College of Charleston student Emmy Bautista decided to evacuate like most students did. She joked that she was, “driving at night in the middle of nowhere just because you didn’t want to be stuck in traffic and expecting a clown to jump out of the woods.”

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