Lions and Tigers and Bears: A Wild Exhibition

The exhibition will be in The Vendue hotel

The exhibition will be in The Vendue hotel for the next six months. (Photo by Lydia Peacock)

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! As you walk through the first floor of The Vendue Hotel, the walls are covered in pieces of art featuring wild animals of all sorts. The opening reception for The Vendue’s newest art exhibition took place this past Thursday, Oct. 22. The event was open to the public– who definitely took advantage of this. With over 200 people attending, the event fulfilled its wild nature. The hotel houses over 300 pieces of art from more than 80 artists worldwide. Since its reopening in 2014, The Vendue has put an emphasis on the art it displays. This particular exhibition is featuring art from over 30 artists all who have created pieces that reflect the diversity that the wild animal exhibition deserves.

The artwork ranged in style, animal and medium. The walls were covered in paintings of all sizes and of all animals. There were many bold pieces that stood out, but the most impressive was in the main lobby of the hotel: a large black and white creation of hundreds of zebras. This particular piece was painted by New Hampshire artist Sam Malpass, whose work covers the world. Her “Ravenous Maze,” an acrylic and oil canvas, was featured in the show. It is one of her hundreds of animal-inspired pieces, which make up some of her most loved creations.


Malpass’s “Ravenous Maze”(Photo by Lydia Peacock)

“I really love painting animals, it allows you to really incorporate patterns and colors into the pieces which lets you bring the wildlife to a different level,” Malpass said.

Malpass’s art has a wide variety of subjects ranging from abstract mixtures of colors and textures to boldly colored figurative pieces depicting famous musicians. Her landscape and figurative pieces are featured in shows regularly, but she was excited to have an animal piece in the limelight.

“This show is so great for all the artists involved, there are so many of us with so many different contributions to the wildlife theme of this show,” Malpass said. “I’m so excited to be featured in this exhibition; The Vendue is beautiful and I’m stoked my work is going to be greeting its guests for the next six months.”

(Photo by Lydia Peacock)

(Photo by Lydia Peacock)

Most of the exhibition pieces featured wild animals found in the jungle or on a safari, but there was also art based on cuddly cute pets or farm animals. Shiny sculptures of pigs, paintings of small rabbits and portraits of family dogs also dotted the exhibition. The collection flowed together wonderfully and covered all the bases that a wild animal exhibition has to offer.   Not only did the public enjoy the opening reception, the artists did also, traveling from all over the world to represent their talent as it took its space in the exhibition. The event’s impact will go far beyond its first night; hotel guests lucky enough to stay at The Vendue will feel the talent and inspiration as they walk by every piece for the next six months. 

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