Bon Voyage! Travel essentials for your next trip


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With fall break and the holiday season quickly approaching, you may be taking a trip back home or planning to visit friends. Whether you’re flying across the country or driving just a few hours, here are some basic essentials that are necessary when traveling.

  1. Wallet: It may seem like a no-brainer to bring your wallet with you when traveling, but often times if we are rushed or in a hurry, it can be a forgotten. To avoid this major mishap double check that you have packed it before you depart. Cash and identification are a necessity, so toss your wallet in your bag before you rush out the door!
  2. Portable Phone Charger: My phone is constantly dying (probably from spending too much time scrolling through Instagram) so a portable charger is must-have. If you are on a long car ride and do not have access to a plug, this will revive your phone whether you are in desperate need for entertainment or navigation. If you are headed to the airport, a regular charger will make do, but be sure your battery is full if you have your boarding pass on your mobile.
  3. Snacks: Snacking and traveling go hand in hand. But instead of choosing sweet candies or chips when stopping at a rest stop, pick easy, mess-free fruits such as apples, bananas or pears. Try planning ahead and pack up some healthy snacks from home to have on hand during your trip. For an extensive car ride, include a small cooler with some sandwiches and drinks to avoid rolling through various drive throughs along the way.
  4. Books/Magazines: Traveling gives you the perfect opportunity to crack open a new book and be submerged into a literary dream. Not only does it help time fly, but it enriches your mind and keeps you off of electronic devices for a bit. It is good to unplug from the world and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Picking up some of your favorite magazines that you do not always get a chance to flip through during your busy schedule is another option. You could always bring along some homework as well to get ahead for the next week of school.
  5. Water Bottle: Although you cannot get through security with a water bottle at an airport, packing an empty reusable one that you can fill up at the water fountains stationed throughout the airport will save you from buying that $5 bottle at snack stands. This environmentally friendly hack keeps your wallet happy and body hydrated.
  6. Headphones: Listening to music or watching your favorite show on Netflix is a great way to pass time while you wait for your flight to board or if you are experiencing delays. Grab your headphones for some entertainment options during your travel journey, or to just cancel out the sound of that baby crying a few rows back on your flight. If you are on a long car ride, pack up some DVDs  if you are without WiFi and watch some of your old favorites.
  7. Makeup Bag: Including a small cosmetics bag with emergency items is always a smart idea. Toss in a travel-sized perfume, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, Advil and any additional items you think are important depending on the length of your travels. And if you are headed on a plane, make sure your items are below four ounces!
  8. Outfit: You’ll need a chic, comfortable outfit to wear during your trip to get from point A to point B without a fuss. Wear some basic black leggings with a plain tee and layer on top your favorite denim jacket or cozy cardigan. Add a scarf to keep you warm on flights or during your long car ride (bonus: wearing your bulky scarves saves room in your luggage and acts as a neck pillow!). Step into some easy to slide off shoes for when you are going through security at the airport like sneakers or basic flats. If you have an early flight or drive- add a baseball hat to conceal your “I just rolled out of bed” hair.

Including these essentials in your luggage will make your trip go smoothly and ensure that your journey ahead of you will be stress free. Bon Voyage!

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