DJ Spotlight: Jonathan Gerstl and Jonathan Brakefield of “Jonathan Live!”

Different than any other radio show at CYR this year, “Jonathan Live!” has created a loyal following by simply supporting the scene. A joint effort between Jonathan Gerstl and Jonathan Brakefield (hence their show name), CYR’s current Flagship DJs sat down with us for a few questions about their lives as DJs, and each other.

Say your name and describe yourself in 10 words.

Gerstl: Jonathan Gerstl; Goofy, Diligent, Leader, Organized, Confident, Drummer.

Brakefield: Jonathan Brakefield; Goofy, Swaggin’, Rap-Music-Guy, Marketer, Busy, Nerd, Friendly, Sports, Baseball Hats.

How did you come up with the theme of your show?

Gerstl: We both enjoyed music and the Charleston scene. Together we felt having a show that let us see, hear, and interview local bands would be awesome!

Brakefield: We like local and new music, and wanted to bring those artists into the spotlight. People love finding new music, and we enjoy it when people approach us saying that we found a new favorite artist for them.

How did you meet?

Gerstl: Last year, I was the Vice President of the American Marketing Association and during the first meeting Brakefield carried himself well and was super friendly. We started talking about music and I invited him to see The Elwins at Palmetto Brewery. We pretended we had a radio show and got backstage to interview the band and decided to actually form one.

Brakefield: Well, last year in October I was at a marketing club meeting, when a dude (coincidentally named Jonathan also) walked up and started talking to me about music. Within a few minutes he brought up an idea to start a radio show, and I was definitely interested. That night, we went to see The Elwins perform at Palmetto Brewery, and did our very first interview. After that, we went to the station, started the show, and it’s been rad ever since.

What do you love most about CYR?

Gerstl: CYR allows students to learn about themselves and express themselves through a great creative community of people.

Brakefield: EVERYTHING. Literally the people, the culture, and the music are all absolutely fantastic. Also, I love having a voice and CYR gives me an opportunity to put that voice on a platform for listeners all over.

For a little fun, we decided to give them some questions to answer about the other, to see how well our Flagship Jonathans really know each other!

Favorite artist/band of all time?

Gerstl: (As JB) Logic.

Brakefield: (As JG) A rock band for sure… I’m gonna go with Overwash.

Number one college necessity?

Gerstl: N/A

Brakefield: His drums.

Hellman’s or Duke’s mayo?

Gerstl: Hellman’s.

Brakefield: I have to say Duke’s.

How do you take your coffee or tea?

Gerstl: Neither, he likes soda.

Brakefield: Lots and lots of sugar.

How do you sleep? (i.e. side, back, stomach, etc.)

Gerstl: Back.

Brakefield: Gerstl definitely sleeps on his side, because it allows him to more efficiently get out of bed in the morning.

How long does it take to do your hair in the morning?

Gerstl: Throw on a Yankees hat. (.52 seconds)

Brakefield: Like 27 seconds. 8 to mix his pomade in his hand, 12 to rub it in his hair, and 7 to comb it.

Most used app on your phone?

Gerstl: Facebook.

Brakefield: The phone call app, or whatever it’s called, because he’s ALWAYS calling people.

Check out the boys’ radio show (Jonathan Live!) on Tuesday’s at 8pm, only on CisternYard Radio!

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