Freshman voice: The reason I never get embarrassed

Let’s set the scene. It was the second week of my freshman year of high school. I dressed up cute that day, because we all know the main goal of a sheltered 14-year-old girl is to find a boyfriend. I straightened my hair, attempted a smoky eye and wore my hottest jeans (aka jeggings – HA remember those?). Walking to class, I was prepared to see the cute boy that I saw every day in the English hall before third block, and then I saw him. He made eye contact with me for the first time ever, and I did not know what to do. I was thinking in my head, “OH MY GOD IT’S THE JEGGINGS. THE JEGGINGS ARE KEY.” I held the eye contact and managed a smile. As it came to the time to pass him, I was yet to come up with a game plan, so I kept staring. I continued to stare until something stopped me from continuing forward. Can you guess what stopped me? That’s right, a trash can. I FELL RIGHT INTO THE GARBAGE. I heard the laughter in the background. I stood up, and bolted out of the hallway. That was the day I swore off flirting for eternity.

This was also the day I realized that there was not much that could beat that. I knew how gullible and flighty I was, so I concluded it was only the beginning of a lifetime of embarrassment. Everyone has had their embarrassing moments. We all have the awful photographs from middle school with colorful Aeropostale t-shirts, matching glitter eyeshadows and neon braces galore (okay maybe that was just me). Anyway, no matter the level or variety of embarrassment, we have all been through it and that is the key. The entire human race can relate.

Thank you school photographers for capturing the stunning freshman year Mara.

Thank you school photographers for capturing the stunning freshman year Mara.

Want to hear another Mara embarrassing moment? Yes! That’s what I thought. Let us fast forward to yesterday! So here’s the story; I was at the gym. I have always fast walked on treadmills, but I had never run on one before. So I decided “You know what? Today is the day!” BAD MOVE MARA. As soon as I started running I got dizzy and then slipped off the treadmill!! It was like in the cartoons when the character just slides off, tumbling into the depth of their greatest fears. As I laid on the ground in over-dramatic pain, grasping my leg for I had a scrape on my knee, Bryan just laughed, asked if I was okay, and carried on (I think I probably shouted a profanity). Today is the day I swear off treadmills. Goodbye death trap. Never again will our paths cross.

Okay, now that I have shared my moments of hilariousness, think of your top most embarrassing moment. Now laugh it off. If you consistently worry about that one moment, you might lose the opportunity for more. This is what I live by! Save yourself from the embarrassment and remember that it is what it is. From middle school, to freshman year round one, to freshman year round two, I always think back to that one moment, laugh and carry on (and now the treadmill incident as well). Live your life like your most embarrassing moment, so you can laugh and carry on too.


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