Freshman voice: Is there even a way to miss your mom less?

So far I have managed to get through midterms of my first semester of college. That in itself is a major accomplishment (yes you may applaud me now). Many of the moments where I thought I would struggle most have been my strongest, and vice versa. When my parents left me behind after move-in day, I expected a restless night with a tear-filled pillowcase. To my surprise, I was fine. I was ready! I was excited to begin my new chapter and first day of real adulthood. Now, three months in, is when I am struggling the most. I am more than homesick. I have good days and I have bad, but most days I am just wishing that I could see my mom (and my dad…do not worry I did not forget about you!!!). I keep asking myself what I can do because everything is going so well here, but I keep finding myself sad. How do we adjust when everything already seems to be going right?

Photo creds to my fantastic Dad

Photo creds to my fantastic Dad

I have not been an adult for very long, but at this point I have realized that there may NOT be a way to miss your family less. It will never get easier. Family is the strongest foundation in my life, so not seeing them every day is never going to be an easier task. Learning how to get used to that fact is what makes this whole “coming of age” thing so complicated. How am I supposed to become less sad if it is never going to get easier (ugh this life thing just keeps getting harder)???

Take it one day at a time. Some days will be awful, and some days will be absolutely amazing. It is all in how you choose to make it. When times were tough, my mom would always say, “choose joy.” She would always tell us that if we chose to have a joyful day, then nothing could stand in our way. If you have the right attitude, things may turn out better than you negatively imagined. You always have to remember that it may not be possible to miss your mom less, but it may be possible to have a better outlook.

How do we attempt to miss our mom’s less? We do just that, ATTEMPT. College is the beginning of our futures. You cannot let anything stand in the way of that. Your family and home want nothing but the best for you, so pull yourself together and make your way to victory. Live your life on the path of choosing joy.




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