Letter to the Editor: In response to the November 2016 issue of The Yard

By Jonathan Graham

If The Yard magazine is supposed to be the student voice on campus, I am ashamed. I am ashamed that our student voice is so whiny, so childish, so alarmist, so weak, so underwhelming, so cowardly. I am ashamed that our student voice is so monolithic. If your echo chamber of staff truly represents our campus, then it is not the wonderfully diverse and tolerant place which once I thought it was. Of course, I suppose I should not be surprised: After all, your staff member Bradley Harrison did mention that he has an echo chamber for a twitter feed (page 7). It makes sense, then, that you would have an echo chamber for an editorial board.

It is shameful that you would allow Sydney Moreano to attack other women for how they voted. I find it a delicious irony that she doesn’t trust other women to vote for what is best for them, and shames them for it. You are complicit in that attack and hypocrisy, of course. You signed your name to this issue, after all.


Speaking of scolding, your Letter from the Editor was a real piece of work. Do you think that perhaps those who did not vote for Hillary did so because she wasn’t a compelling candidate? Because they didn’t trust her? Because she’s a boring Washington insider for whom the system has worked quite well for years, contrary to your assessment of her shaking her fist at it? Because she screwed Bernie in the primaries? Because she thinks much of the country is deplorable? Because they were concerned for the victims of sexual assault which her husband committed and which she covers up? Because they were concerned for the 30 million baby girls torn limb from limb by abortion, on which Hillary’s position is incredibly radical? Because they were ready for something other than more of the Clinton dynasty?

Finally, to your cover. I am a married man; my wife is pregnant. I know what a “raw, strong female body” looks like. That isn’t it. That is tasteless and demonstrates nothing more than the death of aesthetic principle in the world. Again, if yours is the voice of the student body, I am ashamed that my generation is so askance that we cannot even tell the difference between the beautiful and the grotesque. If you truly wanted to celebrate the beauty of the female form, why did you not choose a beautiful female form? I can think of several stunning sculptures in the Louvre (of which pictures are readily available) which are far more beautiful than the monstrosity you’ve spewed across our campus on the cover of your rag.

I look forward to the day when The Yard is no longer a childish echo chamber, but a place where an actual diversity of viewpoints are exchanged; where life can be examined; where we can come to find scintillating and thought-provoking articles. Until that day, I will sigh when I am handed yet another copy of your banal magazine.

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