All Get Out, Microwaves, Gates, and Tigerdog at the Music Farm — A Show Review

Having only heard about Charleston-grown band All Get Out very recently, I knew it would be an interesting experience when I entered the venue. The show had a pretty slow start with Charlotte-formed band, Tigerdog, but throughout each act’s set the intensity amplified reaching a head when headliner All Get Out shredded.

What seemed to be a rocky start for the show, Tigerdog played for all the smaller not-drunk-yet crowd that only slightly filled the venue. Though their music was nowhere near awful, I’m excited to see how they will improve and where they will go from here. It was clear that band had only been together for a short amount of time due to the somewhat lack of creativity and enthusiasm that more seasoned bands performed with. Other aspects of their show, especially the light design, were impressive knowing that their debut album had not even dropped yet. I do wish their set lasted longer than it did because I do not feel like they got enough playing time to judge them. The best thing to come from their set was lead singer Daniel Hodges’s between-song banter with the crowd and his crazy diabetic/heroine story.

Microwave, the somewhat recently formed band from Atlanta, followed up with a solid performance that got the crowd more interested in what was actually going on onstage. The band blended the sounds that come from common indie rock bands currently charting well, also including punk elements that ended up being an extremely fun sound that the crowd seemed to love. Having a more stable backlog of songs, Microwave was able to plan some fan favorites all while promoting their new album. Their stage presence and the tone of the set was a little hectic, but one of the biggest flaws was the enormously long, awkward waiting they did in between their songs. Overall their set was cleaner than Tigerdog’s, but still had a few flaws.

Third up was my personal favorite of the night, even if the crowd would have disagreed, Gates. The soothing sounds coming from the New Jersey-based band was the calm before the storm that was soon to come. They took a more personal, yet still rocking, path compared to the other three bands performing. Their songs made more of an intimate connection. This was the time of the show when people went to get more to drink or to use the bathroom. They all kind of gazed over the soothing alternative rock because it was not all in their faces like the other bands were. This was truly the only band of the night that influenced me to buy their music after the show. The lights and their stage presence went perfectly with the tone of their set and made it much more enjoyable. Gates were clearly the best of the night.

The headliner followed. With the brief research I did before going into the show, I learned that the Charleston-founded band All Get Out was loud and crazy. This statement was generally true. Their music was more of a mix between the sounds of Microwave but much more punk-inspired. They were clearly the most seasoned performers, and it showed in their music and their overall presentation. Their banter with the crowd was funny and sometimes rude, which was necessary for the crowd that they tend to attract. The crowd was getting really, but maybe a little too, into it. During their set there was one member of the audience who actually threw his beer bottle onto the stage, and, in return, the lead singer Nathan Hussey got angry and threw it off stage. There were also a couple of attempted crowd surfers that got laughed at by the members of the band, not to mention the mosh pit that formed and almost trampled my friend. Overall their music was pretty good, not as put together or well-rehearsed as Gates. The laughable crowd made things much better, especially because they seemed to know the songs and could sing along with the band.

The entire production was overall loud and rowdy with the exception of the more chilled out set performed by Gates. The crowd grew more into the actual bands performing as the night went on, probably with the help of name recognition and alcohol. Overall, the night was a success that allowed for people to come together and scream lyrics aloud for a couple hours.

Written by Brian Lee

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