Gnome Cafe: a tasty, animal-free option for all types of eaters

Gnome Cafe is located on the corner of President and Cannon St. (Photo by Katie Panopolopus)

Gnome Cafe is located on the corner of President and Cannon St. (Photo by Katie Panopoulos)

Usually in cafes there is a sense of hustle and bustle that you attribute to background noise as you sit and drink your latte and enjoy a scone. Gnome Cafe has mastered the technique of creating an environment that is calm and relaxing, making any urgency created by other customers hardly noticeable. As soon as each customer quietly walks in, light beams through the windows and shines on all of the plants around them, adding to the relaxing atmosphere.

Gnome Cafe offers a variety of plant-based breakfast, lunch and brunch options. Their entire menu is gluten free and vegan, ranging from sandwiches to salads to tasty desserts. When I first glanced at the menu, I was conflicted about whether to order the cinnamon pancakes or the chickpea “tuna” salad. Although very different tastes both sounded so good I could not decide if I should order breakfast or lunch. I ordered the salad and saved the cinnamon pancakes for another special day. The chickpea “tuna” salad consisted of chickpea “tuna”, greens, hearts of palm, grapes, cheese and croutons with a lemon vinaigrette. It was nothing short of delicious. This alternative tuna tasted exactly like the real thing but with even more spices and flavor, making it even more tasty. Whether you are in the mood for sweet or savory, it seemed that Gnome Cafe had many daring dishes that could satisfy either craving.

The chickpea tuna salad. (Photo by Katie Panopoulos)

The chickpea tuna salad. (Photo by Katie Panopoulos)

Gnome Café is located on the corner of President and Cannon St. They even deliver, making eating healthy easy, but I highly recommend making the trip your first time because the café is beautiful and a great experience all around. This is the place to come for a warm welcome and to please your tastebuds. The refreshing food goes hand in hand with the welcoming, sunny shop.


I myself am not a vegan but I still love to eat healthy and nutritiously. Gnome Cafe is not only a great option for vegans and vegetarians, but for non-vegans as well. The food is high quality and tasty, regardless that some of the expected ingredients are replaced for vegan and vegetarian purposes. None of these dishes lack in taste– they are full of rich spices and ingredients that make customers feel good after eating. They even make one forget that they are eating tofu or other alternatives. Places like Gnome Cafe are not exclusive to meat boycotters, but rather very inclusive to all types of eaters and spread the word on how scrumptious vegan and vegetarian food can be. I’m excited to explore the rest of the menu and try the cinnamon pancakes with a side of portobello “bacon” and homefries.

“Whether looking for a vegan version of your favorite dish or wanting to explore the health benefits of a vegan diet, quality ingredients and bold flavors come together to create dishes that satisfy every kind of eater,” a staff member of Gnome Cafe said.

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