The Trippintones’ 10th anniversary performance: a ballad of friendship


An alum performs during the concert. (Photo by Abigail Hutchinson)

On Nov. 19,  past and current voices of College of Charleston’s A Capella group the Chucktown Trippintones echoed throughout Memminger Auditorium. The group blended voices from both current Trippintone members and alumni to perform an event showcasing the evolution of the group over the years. Being the first A Cappella group to find its way onto campus in 2006, the Trippintones celebrated their 10th anniversary this fall.

The Trippintones have evolved from a six person group hosting its first casual public performance outside the library to a much larger group with the bi-annual performances in big venues such as Sottile Theater. The group’s growing popularity hasn’t just remained on campus — in 2013 it was featured on NBC’s Today Show.

The opening song of the evening was a rendition of “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes with solos by Mackenna Stahlman and Coleman Ott. As they sang, their onstage presence displayed a sense of community shared by both alumni and current members, reflecting the song’s idea of being at home with one another. Sophomore Danya Firestone, the public relations representative for Trippintones, has been involved with the group and their sense of community for two years now.

“People have really found a home here and for a lot of people this is a safe space,” Firestone said.

Lucas Rosenblatt, a junior at the College and the president of the Trippintones, is finishing up his fifth semester with the group.

“These guys are my family,” Rosenblatt said. “I spend every waking moment that I possibly can with them. I live and breathe Trippintones.”

An impressive conversion of the songs “Wide Awake” by Katy Perry and “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty was led by Sarah Botas and Chase O’Such while Sarah Grey simultaneously sang Beyoncé’s “If I Were A Boy.” Other soloists throughout the show included Jamie Grey and Patrick Smith, who also kept the large audience entertained with memorable solos.

This milestone performance included skits reenacting important moments in Trippintone history, songs sung by both alumni and current members and recognition of the successes of both the group as a whole and the individuals who have been a part of it along the way.

“This was an extremely well put together event and I can’t think all of my colleagues and coordinators and all for pulling this off,” Rosenblatt said.

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