Dec. 1: The Heat Miser rallies for the lead, but Snow Miser still battling

(Photo courtesy of bonus415 on Flickr Creative Commons)

(Photo courtesy of bonus415 on Flickr Creative Commons)

It is December at last, that means the battles between the Heat Miser and the Snow Miser are officially underway. The two Misers duke it out every year, fighting during the weeks before Dec. 25 to try and claim the title belt on Christmas Day itself.

Their’s is a battle to get the upper hand in temperature. Scoring takes place during the fall and winter months and is based on maximum temperature, minimum temperature and mean temperature. If the maximum temperature reaches or exceeds 70 degrees, the Heat Miser wins by knock out. If the minimum temperature reaches below 32 degrees, the Snow Miser wins by knock out. If neither Miser wins by knockout, the mean temperature is taken into consideration. If 51 degrees or lower, the Snow Miser wins by split decision and if 52 degrees and higher, the Heat Miser wins by split decision.

The past few weeks have provided some very interesting preliminary rounds between the two. The Snow Miser surprisingly held strong in November, a month known to be dominated by the Heat Miser in Charleston. Not expected to win more than one or two days worth of fighting, the Snow Miser won five days throughout the month, even pulling out crushing defeats on two occasions, dropping the temperature to 35 degrees–almost knock out zone. But the tides turned, giving the Heat Miser the upper hand on Thanksgiving Day, when temperatures reached  upward of 78 degrees and he has held strong since.

(Photo courtesy of Marisol.Marquez on Flickr Creative Commons)

(Photo courtesy of Marisol.Marquez on Flickr Creative Commons)

This morning provided for an extremely entertaining fight, as we saw the Snow Miser rally to drop the temperature from close to 72 degrees at midnight to just under 61 degrees at about 10:15 a.m. But in the hours since then, the Heat Miser has reestablished himself to comfortably win the day, raising the temperature to 70 degrees.

The Heat Miser is known for his domination in these parts, but the Snow Miser always puts up a good fight on Christmas Day. Out of the past eight years, the Snow Miser has won by split decision twice and even by knockout once. Last year however, the Heat Miser put his prowess on full display, providing a Christmas with a high of 75 degrees.

The Snow Miser is a huge underdog in Charleston, but hopefully his strong performance during the month of November is a sign he is rallying back from the crushing defeat last year. The last time we had freezing temperatures on Dec. 25th was in 2010, but the fact that it happened at all shows that it is possible. A white Christmas is more than a long shot, but maybe with our belief and support the Snow Miser can pull off the impossible this year.

(All temperatures were taken at the Charleston Airport and retrieved from the archives at Weather Underground)

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