DJ Spotlight — Flagship JP DeGross aka LiveFire

As our only live-mixing Flagship DJ, JP has offered a whole new perspective to our station. His show, “The Electronic Hour,” showcases his sick DJing skills as he creates in-studio, exclusively for CisternYard Radio. We sat down with him for a few questions about himself and his thoughts on being a DJ.

Say your name, where you’re from, and describe yourself in no more than 10 words.
JP: JP DeGross, Washington D.C., lighthearted loveable [butt]hole.

Did you learn to live mix on your own, or did someone teach you?
JP: I did learn mostly on my own, I bought an online course or two to go me started, then I practiced a lot! You get better with a lot of hours just feeling out your music and where you can make cuts. Eventually you can read the waveforms in your software to see transitions where certain parts of song structures won’t clash and the transition will sound smooth. After that things just get easier, but it’s like driving a car, if you don’t do it every day you start to lose your confidence in doing it.
Who is your favorite (popular) DJ?
JP: Diplo is my favorite DJ and my Idol. He helped start the groups Major Lazer and Jack U and also has his own solo act. There aren’t many people in the industry who can make bass bangers one day and produce Beyoncee’s album the next. He is a true taste maker in the industry as a whole.
How did you come up with the name “Live Fire”?
JP: Live Fire was started when I was in high school. I threw a couple of parties centered around a fire pit in the middle, I played bass and dance music while everyone chilled and danced around the fire. whenever I invited 30 people 100 would show up and because of that, my parties became a staple of my Junior year of high school. The fire parties were Live, so they called me Live Fire.

Some personal questions:
Number one college necessity?
JP: French press.
How do you take your coffee?
JP: Cream or black, just like my men.
Most used app on your phone?
JP: Snapchat.
Why did you choose CofC?
JP: For the warmer weather, the beaches, women, and to try something new.
You can catch JP’s show, “The Electronic Hour,” on Tuesday’s at 6pm only on CisternYard Radio!
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