Freshman voice: Hanging on to our comfort zones by a thread

An illustration of our tangled threads. (Photo credits to Mara McCloy)

The universe has a bright future, but many roadblocks are in the way of getting there. Every person on this planet is an individual. We are big and small, short and tall, young and old, introverted and bold, yet no matter our similarities and differences, there are no two people with the same characteristics. With the increasing turbulence in society, our differences are becoming the roadblocks. Diversity scares us, for we do not want to leave our comfort zones, our tree limb that we grasp so tightly. While it may only be an inch high, we are still terrified to feel the ground beneath us.

In just my first semester of college, I have come across many passionate individuals. We all have an appetite for the future. There are a wide variety of dreams, goals and aspirations for change that are all extremely breathtaking to hear. But hidden within the beauty of all of this ambition, I am beginning to see a darker side. We want others to see us as passionate people who want to make a change. Whether it comes to what you support politically, socially or environmentally, we speak it, but often do not act upon it. I am a culprit of this mentality as well.

We are letting society be our director. Scared of stepping out, we do not even make the most of the small amount of creative leeway that is allotted to us. We waste our time staring at that “What’s on your mind?” box on Facebook, trying to decide whether or not to post how we feel, and if what we are thinking or what we believe will finally make a difference. We scroll through and read pages and pages of passionate posts and feel amazing about finally jumping on the bandwagon, but what kind of impact is that truly making?

Hanging on to our branch. (Photo credits to Morgan Havrid)

We are all hanging on by a thread, little by little exposing how we feel, yet not taking the leap that truly makes a change. Identities are holding us back, creating a fear of our individualities that separate us from those who are similar to us. We want to do something bigger, but also want to remain where we are, surrounded by our comfort zones and surrounded by people who have similar identities.

Not only are we hanging onto our own ambitions, but we are bringing everyone down with us. Every opinionated post digs us deeper into our comfort zones. It forces us to grasp our tree limb tighter; but why? Why must the human race constantly feel approved before taking our leap? Why do we feel that merely exposing our opinion will be enough? We think all we need to do is open ourselves up to social media in order to to save the world. But life is not that simple, and we all know it.

Put both feet on the ground and start running. All it takes is one choice, two steps and heart full of passion. We are all capable of following through with what we state. Stop being all talk, and start being all walk. Life is short. If you want something to happen then embrace the differences that surround us and make it happen. If we all begin to take a stand, maybe change can finally happen. The future is not determined by our Facebook posts, but by what we achieve outside of our social media masks. Good golly, just wake up everyone.

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  1. January 28, 2017 @ 3:31 pm Sharon Reichard

    This is just amazing!! And to think, it is a 19 year old, college freshman thinking so deeply about how we look inward. You are an amazing young woman, Mara McCloy. Keep that positive attitude and you will find God’s will for your life very early in your career.


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